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More gigs for the band with the orchestra or the emotional storm in the classics

March 29 2005

Today, fewer and fewer people listen to classical music . Young people no longer go to the theater, visit the concert halls, which sounds serious music. Before you turn on the TV or radio, on any of the channels could detect a symphony concert or opera, but now everything is different. However, what to do in this situation knows, it seems, Igor Verbitsky - conductor of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy.

- Igor, why the once almighty classic surrendered their positions "pop"?

- Today, people clicking through multiple channels, always sees the same thing: "American Idol", Verka Serduchka, etc. In this case, all touted as the most beautiful and remarkable from the fact that we have in our country - a kind of crown of creation to date. In various creative unions more squabbling than caring about the quality of spills at the head of the population "works."

In fact, if you look at 2-3 centuries ago, we were surprised to find that in general there was no division between classical and nonclassical music. There was a church and secular music, but use the same tools. And the same composers who wrote music for the church, created works for the balls held in the homes of respectable people of that time. Roughly speaking, the balls - the same disco. If you look closely at the Suites of Bach, written for orchestra, we can see that they all consist of dancing. And it's not just dance, non-aristocratic - such as the minuet. But the jig, which was folksy dance, and the like. In general, almost all the music was intended, as they say, "foot." Well, what does not "pop"?

If you compare products, intended for the feet, "and those that were created for the soul", the difference is small. For example, waltzes by Tchaikovsky sounded at the opera, and balls. Then gradually there was a division on a purely classical music, music for the feet, and separately - to the opera. Many composers began to experiment. Naturally, gradually the number of people who could take this kind of music, everything narrows and narrows. But there were also the creators of that agitated the heart of contemporaries who collected a full house - as is now collected the best rock musicians. Suffice it to recall the history with the premiere of Prokofiev's First Piano Concerto, where the excited spectators broke chairs in the hall. Since human perception and reaction is not changed.

- It is difficult, however, provide raging crowd at a concert, say, Schnittke.

- I can give an interesting example. At one time I studied the history of Russian church music . By the way, the Orthodox musical canons are not accepted until now. I came across an interesting phrase. Then there was a polyphonic choral singing, all singing in unison. And a contemporary, wrote that the choir singers from the overflowing emotions of dance, beat their fists on his chest. Does not that resembles scenes from American movies where they show the Negro Catholic worship?

Therefore, to separate the music into two opposing camps - quite wrong. Classical pieces, especially written in 19 century and before, are very easy to understand. We need only the desire to hear them. Not accidentally the music of Mozart or Tchaikovsky's perceived by people who first come to the concert, without strain.Because this music is so natural and so affect the human soul, that to understand it does not require special knowledge.

- The province of even a great desire sometimes is not enough. No one to play and nowhere.

- I will never forget his performances in the town of Glazov, a small town not far from Izhevsk. Tchaikovsky was born nearby in Vodkinske, the same small, where he was, nevertheless, a huge arms factory, whose director is his father. Glazov is included in this area. Was a festival devoted to Tchaikovsky, and we gave a concert with the Voronezh Philharmonic Orchestra. Cinema Glazov - the only suitable site was crowded. I spent two shows and the people who, perhaps for the first time in my life heard a symphony orchestra, went into raptures. All this gives me confidence that I and other musicians playing classical music today, doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, now the state does not support outreach concerts. But for the curious townspeople no special obstacles. You just need to take the first step: go to the philharmonic hall, opera house, ask your more knowledgeable friends to help them figure out what to listen for beginners.

Of course, there is a very complicated music. Much of what is written in the 20 century, in general can be understood only by professionals. Yet most of the works available to anyone who openly heart to understand. If there is no one to advise, there are public concerts at the Philharmonic. Firstly, they are available at cost, and secondly, according to the program, there is selected music that fit the unprepared listener. Also today, you can go to almost any operetta, which will certainly help to touch the wonderful world of classical music.

Let us return to the point that I mentioned. About beating their breasts church singers. Why this happens? Because those who wears a black coat and white shirt, have the same emotional storm that rock musicians. This is true. Otherwise people who have dedicated themselves to classical music, long abandoned to his occupation, especially as this work is paid in our country is very modest.

- Maybe in order to return the classics popularity among the masses, it is useful from time to time "to compose" a pop? How Now, remember, Montserrat Caballe sang the song "Barcelona" in tandem with the Freddie Mercury - and how it sounded!

- Two styles of music, and artificial breeding in our time in hand, a relatively common find each other in the new association. For example, the group "Deep Purple" is the album "Concerto for Group and Orchestra." This is the unique option when it was written by a special suite, which the band played together with the London Royal Orchestra. Another remarkable group of "Emerson, Lake and Palmer". They just have huge galleries and a "keyboard" I've never heard of. He wrote a rock-processing suite for piano by Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition, under the influence of paintings of his friend Hartman. This is absolutely amazing music. It is available in the orchestral version.

Today, the most "advanced" rock musicians, who really think about their art, trying to find new ways - and, willy-nilly, one is still moving towards classical music. They begin to attract or classical instruments, or allow composers who know how to orchestrate, manipulate their songs. Was such a wonderful conductor, my teacher, Professor Ravil Martynov - so he and the orchestra has spoken to the group "Aquarium". They were outstanding seiche.

- What would you personally have started to raise the prestige of the classics?

Need a promotion, "promotion" at the media. For example, if before us on the radio saying that Beethoven - it was good, now about it at all do not say anything, its just not there. Artists and writers in this respect more fortunate. Directors are increasingly turning to the classics - think at least the fantastic success of the series "The Idiot". Classical music so far no luck. But if we do not "go to the people" if we simply withdraw into their circle, then confused and remains popular.

Incidentally, I want to note: all sound-tracks to American movies are still being written by a symphony orchestra. Why do not they go to the electronics? It turns out that American labor unions have made to avoid loss of the musicians they work in Hollywood is mandatory to use real orchestras for recording songs for films. Thus preserved musical culture.

- In my opinion, for today's young people there is nothing to have such influence, as a good example of another huge success. This level of "cool" - "not cool".

- I agree, someone else's success can be overwhelming to the soul. Somehow I was lucky to see the success of the man who wrote a classical work for chorus. It was a remarkable performance of the cantata Petersburg composer Valery Gavrilin. Symphony in-action "Chimes" - so it is called. Amazing music. Forty-five minutes after the performance, students would not let the author. When we see that people went all out, the response of the public is quite enthusiastic. And it is clear that all these people happy - and musicians and audiences.


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