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From 180 and above: At midnight the hobbit into a sex-giant and acquire the long-legged militsionerku

March 29 2005

In shorty Kostik, growth which is only 163 cm, has a life only one dream - to have sex with a chick taller, and thus get rid of a terrible inferiority complex. "From 180 and above - it's the only thought in the brain inflammation midget who starts each day with a Hamlet dilemma: Would give or not give - that is the question! Deciding to take at least one dildo at all costs, Kostya takes a long list in hand and storming a fortress after another. As a result, the tall beauty has come to blows over it.

That is the simple plot of a new comedy actor, director and television presenter Alexandra Strizhenova. In the film grossed a respectable collection of celebrities - Eugene Stychkin, Ivan Urgant, Gosha Kutsenko, Fyodor Bondarchuk, the star of "Brigade" Ekaterina Guseva, and of course, his wife Catherine Strizhenova. Script written by screenwriter Yuri Korotkov based on the story by Irwin Shaw.

One of the "compote" information sufficient to anticipate the taste of a silly comedy one-day boring and vulgar as anything in the world. And here and there! It's nice when a vague apprehension is not justified! Debutant Strizhenov this time, maybe to his own surprise, was in most apple. Comedy really got funny and dynamic, full stebnyh dialogues and situations. Even all the shortcomings and flaws are forgotten easily.

Outwardly, the film is really devoted to the topic of therapy complexing nizkoroslika and scourged leggy race. "This world is ruled by a girl from 180 and above, makes a profound discovery Kostik. They are the true mistress of life, caste elite, national brand, which has a sweet life and lies in bed most successful men.

Fortunately, this "smart message" quickly fizzles. The myth of the triumph of long-legged disappear like smoke, and in the course of the film turns out that the girls of 180 and above all not so chocolate.

Beauty, which only yesterday seemed Kostik stunning, in the morning is listed as "horses". In a series of several "women's stories," argues convincingly that his legs growing from his ears - it's damn things. The comic story of a Lithuanian accent Model - case in point: "The legs are long - she'll go." Completes beating girls sleepers tyagomotny story luxury prostitute with a fondness for tennis, played by Ekaterina Guseva: "All I am invited into bed, and the theater - never!"

"The theme of growth" is exhausted so quickly that it becomes no matter how tall the ladies managed to scrape together the director among famous actresses. It is clear that neither Gusev Strizhenova such growth does not possess, but all these tricks with high heels and the foot is no longer noticed.

At the same time, actually, you can put a fat point in search of it may make sense in the 180 and higher. " None of the arguments of Alexander Strizhenova about overcoming the "inner dwarf" and "a person" can not save. Nothing beyond the numerous jokes, grotesque situations antics Kutsenko, and other amenities in the film. Surprisingly different - this is enough! Heroes received enough in one piece: a little Kostik jealous husband Alex, a scoundrel and a cad Savic Galkin performed by Fyodor Bondarchuk - all in cash! Even the ridiculous anti-globalists - and they succeeded.

Strizhenovskie "from 180 and above" - a distant relative of the unforgettable "Sex and the City." The same voice omniscient narrator behind the scenes, frequent flash-backing vocals, the same naughty situation. Yes, and conceived the film as sexist, although it does not have any sex scenes. Sex - the only program in which programmed long-legged girl on the cover. But as usual life of a robot - a solid bummer!

There is another line "sex".This is Moscow - the city is finally in shagnuvshy 21. City wildly beautiful: solid melteshenie lights elite new, luxury condos, new people. City: - deceit, in which the fast life administrators fitness centers, which are operating in unknown to anyone anti-globalists.

In general, "From 180 and above" - carefree comedy, leaving after viewing the pleasant sensation of emptiness. The ideal tool for entertainment companies and disgruntled girlfriends.


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