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Stolen Childhood Jodie Foster and a new picture of her participation "The Illusion of Flight"

November 28 2005

Successful actress Jodie Foster (Jodie Foster) has admitted that she had no childhood, and so she would do everything possible to her children it was cloudless and perfect. From an early age the actress starred in the movie. She worked as a grown-up girl, and her childhood was passed quickly, leaving only memories of the scene, filming, rehearsals, memorizing little monologues and dialogues.

Judy is now 43 years old. For the first time in the movie she starred in three years. She has two sons - seven-son Charles and a four-Kit, but the actress is adamant that at such an early age it cost to ensure a decent childhood and to protect them from filming, and other paraphernalia of adult life.

"Since childhood, my parents have inspired me that I was special, that with such confidence and I live my whole life. Therefore, I have a psychological need to provide their children a happy and carefree childhood, the childhood, which I have never been "- she says.

"A few weekends ago I managed to spend some unforgettable days are with children. This not so often happens, so we were extremely happy. Recently our friends rented a water slide from the park, we all day on them riding "- says Foster. - "In the evening we were tired and satisfied. Together with his sons, I gather the pieces of his childhood. "

Recently rolled out a new film starring Jodie Foster - "Illusion of Flight» (Flightplan) director Robert Schwentke. Foster has always acted in a strong emotional film, playing a complex, multifaceted characters. In "Illusions of Flight" heroine Judy Foster - a loving mother whose child disappears on an airplane. The search lead to nowhere.

Film genre defined as a psychological thriller. Illusion and reality merge into one, and there comes a point when the viewer is almost certain that the woman suffers from a mental disorder, carrying a heavy loss. The heroine has survived the mysterious death of her husband, which experts regarded as a suicide, but it sure is not. And the heroine with her little daughter sits on a plane to go to his parents and burying her husband (the deceased's coffin for rent in baggage). Mother and daughter go to sleep, and when she wakes up, 5-year-old daughter by my side. The film is very intense, compelling and compassionate heroine constantly put myself in her place.

Until the middle of the movie impossible to understand whether the baby really is. Particularly impressive is the scene where a heartbroken mother's pilot tries to explain that the registration of the child was not, and, according to information received, the girl died a few days ago. But here in the cabin a woman sees a man who stood all night at her home on the eve of the ill-fated flight.

Cast: Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean, Marilyn Louston, Kate Bihan, Michael Irby, Erika Christensen.

Recently, the screens went out a few decent pictures in the genre of psychological thriller - " exorcism of Emily Rose »(The Exorcism of Emily Rose) directed by Scott Derrickson and "penumbra" Craig Rosenberg. "Exorcism of Emily Rose" (also known as "The Exorcism of Emily Rose") is based on real events.The film tells the story of a girl of the disease, which, according to the priest, who came in otherworldly entities, but doctors believe that Emily suffers burdened psihozomom epilepsy. As a result, a session of exorcism girl dies.

In the twilight of the "leading role performs Demi Moore, her character - a successful author, mystic, whose name is compared to the legendary king of horror Stephen King. Her son is dying and heartbroken woman moves into a secluded cottage, situated in a remote fishing village. However, there is a woman begin to pursue mystical events, she begins to see the ghost of her son and all the time spent with a man whom locals believe has long been dead.

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