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Group of "Bullet": St. Petersburg's scandalous mystery

September 28 2005

Mysterious St. Petersburg band called "Bullet" is famous in the first place, his controversial song "Diana". The self-titled clip for a long time spinning on the first music channel. In their luggage two albums. And just recently died down in the capital on the Neva their first acoustic gig. On his success ideologue of Maxim Yermachkov said in an exclusive interview for

Maxim, well, you can congratulate your team with the premiere of an acoustic gig?

Oh, thank you! That is only recently arrived from St. Petersburg, where they presented our premier Unplugget in one of St. Petersburg's local clubs. This is the first in the history of our existence acoustic concert. We came up with his chip and decided to submit the program with a touch of intimacy. Created a warm, homely atmosphere. In this case, as has already been performed for many famous hits: scandalous song "Diana", "Step by Step," "Stripes," "When you're gone", and previously not performed anywhere things. Only about twenty songs.

If I'm not mistaken, you exist in more than five years, but the acoustics are representing the first time. How did this happen?

Prior to that, all is not got around to handle the songs make them sound differently. Also to just have to ripen, to grow to eventually provide a quality listener, shutdown, logically driven to crazy stuff.

And as long there is a group and who is its founder?

The group was founded in November 2000. History, of course, interesting. I am the founder of the group. At the time when there was a sailor (Maxim Yermachkov graduated from the State Maritime Academy. Makarova - approx. Aut.), Was in Cape Town, where I lived, by the way, about six months. Once returning from a local tavern. And then - all for a good action movie scenario: I was attacked by three burly Negroes. Naturally, a fight where I was stabbed. I remember all vaguely. Woke up in hospital, all cut and divided. Reassuring one: well, that was a knife, not a bullet ... After etog about swimming with "tied" and began to search for "bullet".

The result of such a search and found the staff today. The first who supported me in creating the group, was my children's friend - Vasya Palkin, which is our permanent guitarist.

But the music took up spontaneously to switch after your adventure in Cape Town?

No, I've always wanted to play music, give people a positive charge from the scene, sharing his emotions and experiences.

But the majority of your songs is not a positive name. The same song "Suicide", "The Last Jump" ...

Even in sadness there is a buzz. The songs mostly, indeed, serious, meaningful. Through the suffering and worries people is cleared. This is a peculiar stage of internal development. In each song there is hope, there is light. Most, of course, devoted love feeling (smiling). I'm curious to understand the relationship between men and women in matters of becoming as human beings. Love - the driving force, she owns our minds, makes us unfold, make crazy things, getting better, getting rid of his ego, to expand their world a universe of another person.

Still want to go back to the creation of "Bullets" and a little deeper to touch the story title?

Bullet - the engine of life. When she falls in love with you, then any time you fly, got a certain energy charge. You're not dying, you just start to live and feel in a new way. And the name came to me shortly before our first concert in one of the suburban palaces of culture.He remembered his old keyptaunovskuyu history, wound ... and it dawned on me: "This team is my" bullet ", which I have so long sought.

You call your style of poetry ... This is something new?

At first we called her creativity - the rock poetics. As a result, we now get rid of the consoles, and just talking about Poetics. This is a capacious concept, which combines almost everything: rock, art song, and elements of the chanson. In the Poetics is primarily a text and have it superimposed music. Words - this is my world, which I reveal the audience, my melody - it's my feeling, and all together - it was me. Musical accompaniment only focuses on mood. Poetics - this whole theatrical action, which every song - a real theatrical performance.

And on what music you grew up?

Who admire, not so much. From childhood I love Vladimir Vysotsky, Tsoi. Student listened to Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. They have dedicated their idea of life, creating a timeless songs that really help to live. These people, whom I consider my teachers.

On what grounds more comfortable to speak the group?

We like how intimate scenes, and large festival grounds. Of course, I want to be heard by the largest possible number of people. I have something to say. The main thing that it was someone want (laughs).

At this point, what lies in your creative luggage?

We have two albums, "When you're gone ..." and "Step by step." The presentation took place last quite recently in the Moscow club "B-2. It was preceded by the single "Diana". At the same name of a song filmed the clip that was rotated at one time on a number of channels, including on Muz-TV. Well here is yet more news of today. Although it is already recording new material. In the most immediate plans to release an acoustic album.

And the album title already?

No, the name usually comes after the main work, when everything is reduced, has been recorded. While working at the studio can all radically changed: the sound, the mood of the plate. We can depart from the original ideas, turning one hundred eighty degrees.

And where "bullet" likes to relax? And it is not planning to move to Moscow, as do many teams?

- Yes, we do not get tired to rest. Rehearsals, concerts - this is what we live, it takes away our strength, but it is both our creative charge. When a man finds himself engaged in his favorite activity, then there is no thought "I'm tired, blame would be somewhere." As for Moscow ... until then "migrate" are not going to. Yes, and it makes no sense, tours - one thing, but that's always pulled back. And our house - Peter. This is our air, our mood, our music. To have spoken, but the St. Pete rock - it's completely different "song". When a person is organic - it is well everywhere!

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