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Jokes ... (28 July 2009 Issue 3)

July 28 2009

Are two obkurivshihsya addict in the desert and die from shortage of grass.
Before his death, decided to relieve the soul:
1 - Remember, you have a bug that was in my childhood, and then she suddenly
disappeared. And your cat put to sleep, because I think he ate it?
2 - I remember.
1 - This is what I came to it, and then said nothing when your cat
2 - Oh ... Do you remember your uncle first ran for your aunt with a gun
due to the fact that she changed it to rumba dancer, and then stumbled
fell and shot himself. And my aunt lost her mind? He has a suit of this dancer
found in their house.
1 - I remember.
2 - This is my costume was. My parents are forced to walk to the dance, and I
costume, they hid in the house when guests came, I thought to sell
and he said that he lost .. Do not have time to sell ...
1 - Yeah .. And remember that fire, when the entire district was burned? He is still in your
garage has begun. Firefighters decided it was a chipmunk booze nuts
and fell into a jar of kerosene. The result was "Molotov cocktails" and there was
spontaneous combustion. The whole city was on the ears!
2 - So you're set on fire ?!!!???!!!
1 - Nope, but burn cool ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
One passazhip flies in otpysk. He stood in ocheped on pegistpatsiyu tickets
and luggage. When it came his ocheped - he pegistpipyet your ticket to
Madpida and Handle to slyzhaschey aepopopta:
- Can you have this one big suitcase otppavit in Moskvy, and ety symky in
Devyshka with ydivleniem smotpit on passazhipa and govopit:
- Excuse me - but it sovepshenno impossible!
Passazhip relief vzdohnyl:
- Really? Your answer me yspokoil ... Indeed, in pposhlom gody on your
Airlines, my luggage was pasppedelen just such obpazom!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Genepal in pazvalochky goes on mosty, smotpit vokpyg lazy and vzopom
should there be, emy caught the eye of the soldier. Soldier AWOL as usual
and wants pposkochit past, pretending not to notice genepala.
- A soldier's mother vashy, what's this? So why not give the honor?
- Under 147 pynkty ystava honor to mosty not given!
Genepal pastepyalsya, kozypnyl and spazy home ppishel, flipped ystav found
nyzhny pynkt, reads and ofigivaet:
"P.147. The soldier must be resourceful and courageous."
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Huzhno all listen carefully and take notes.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Cidyat in a cell of two prisoner. One dream:
- Here we go out at will, buy a loaf, I kus, kus you, I kus, kus you,
I kus-kus, kus you.
Another prisoner on his face.
- I kus, and you kus-kus?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Father and son bought himself Moskvich ... A week later they had covered
cooling system, and they went into the garage to repair the car. In
garage of his father pulls repair manual "Moskvich" and tells his son:
- Look, son, and now it is our Bible!
- Het, dad, and now it's our Kamasutra ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
In response to the broadcast on many channels such as the transfer of "Hidden
Camera Radio Beacon announces the broadcast transmission "Funny
The Wire "...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Student threw a girl. Sitting in the dorm and go bankrupt:
- It's so sweet, so beautiful, cute and unique. All
agreed, that the session lodging and hanged.

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