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Battle on the Ice. Then the ice came tafgai - all zaverte ...

April 28 2005

"Tafgay" - it sounds good. There are some powerful guys in hockey, whose task is to score goals and fight and push. Tafgaev often referred to as "police" because they are his fists punish those players who play rough against the stars.

Supporters tafgaev respect and love for his honesty, courage, and for what they are winning the battle in the ice for five minutes can make the inevitable defeat into victory.

There tafgai in Russia, although they are not very similar to their overseas counterparts. Our "police" are to effectively than overseas "cops" and the Russian tafgaem scored a goal - not so rare. Finally, tafgaev we do not have much, they can be counted on the fingers.

Here, for example, Alexander Yudin. The best fighter of the Russian hockey . Throughout his career, Yudin changed many teams. He played in Petersburg SKA, Cherepovets Severstal, Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik, Omsk Avangard. His duties "police" Alexander fits very responsibly. He believes that tafgay - currently assistant to the judge, who punishes opponents for deliberate rudeness, not noticed by the arbitrator.

I Yudin even have a notebook in which he writes down the names of those players that are capable of meanness and provocation, and with whom to conduct "educational" work. Like most overseas tafgaev Yudin, a lot of training with punching bag and is always ready to fight. But while on life, he kind-hearted man. Alexander loves his family, devoting all her spare time.

Another formidable hockey fighter - Andrei Nazarov. He played for the NHL team, "Tampa Bay", "Calgary", "Anaheim", "Phoenix". At the time of the lockout has signed a contract with Metallurg Novokuznetsk, but how long this team did not last. Moved to "Vanguard" just after it was removed from there Alexander Yudin.

By the way, Nazarov left in the NHL from "Dinamo" not as "police", but as a power forward. Hockey player himself long opposed changing roles, trying to play NHL hockey, but in the end with the role tafgaya humbled. Now Nazarov is one of the dirtiest players of the league and is growing year by more than two hundred penalty minutes.

Interesting fact - Nazarov ashamed of their "specialty" and prefers not to talk about it. Andrew has always strictly and tastefully dressed, and wearing glasses more like a student rather than tafgaya. However, this "student" in this season became a member and ringleader of all high-profile hockey fights.

Especially memorable massacre that unfolded in Yaroslavl, during a meeting of local Lokomotiv with Omsk Avangard. One of the instigators of the battle was the most star player of this championship, who plays for Omsk team Czech Jaromir Jagr . True, he was the injured party. Defender owners Krasotkin first pushed him to the gate, and when Jagr crashed, then fell on top of him and beat lightly.

Further military action requires a detailed description. Yagru rushed to the aid of his teammate, Panov, and together with a Czech, they began to brutally beat the very Krasotkina. But two for one - is not fair. This is the opinion yet another hockey Lokomotiv with rich experience enhaelovskih fights Karpovtsev, came to the rescue to help Krasotkin.

on and it was not enough - have decided to fight all the players who were at that time on the ice. And at the same time to the site jumped Andrei Nazarov. He rushed to the aid of his comrades and threw himself on Karpovtseva. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the fans, believing that with the advent of Nazarova at the "Vanguard" is a numerical advantage, tried to break into the ground and thrown on the ice all that turned up under the arm.

Ice hockey players at this time continued to show. Yaroslavets Nepryaev mutuzil Cech Bednar. Came together in a fist fight Canadians Lamothe and Marakl. Sitting in the stock at "Crusade" goalkeeper Maxim beat tucked under the arm forward rival Kryukov, who rushed to the aid of another goalkeeper railroad Lobanov.

Nazarov, who led a fight next to sitting on the bench players "Loco", has come under their pressure. Railway workers rushed to the whole team, Andrew, fell on the ice and ... do not know what the outcome would be the case if the assistance is not rushed Nazarov "Avangard" as a whole.

As a result, judges with great difficulty, stopped the fight. Nazarov has received 30 penalty minutes, four and five players Yaroslavl Omsk were removed before the end of the match, while another six received a small fine. Later Jaromir Jagr admitted that even in the NHL he did not have to participate in such large-scale fighting.

Was also a memorable battle of Russians and Swedes in the international tournament ROSNO Cup. Our guys at the end of the third period led 4:1. The Swedes also the entire match were rude and tried to compensate for the goals against petty tricks. Initially, the Russians did not meet them, punishing goals, but in the end decided to punish the dirty Swedes.

Seconds before the final siren on ice fight launched the "three by three, the protagonist of which was Ilya Kovalchuk. He was so beat his rival that he left the ice with "frilly" person. Along with Kovalchuk taught Swedes wits Sergei Gusev and Alexander Guskov. As a result, the judge discharged the participants battle 150 penalty minutes, but for the entire match team collected 234 penalty minutes.

Game between the "vanguard" and "Ak Bars" can be called one of the best in the history of Russian hockey . First, the ice Omsk Sports Palace in the composition of both teams came out so many stars of world level, how is rarely seen even in the NHL games. Second, the crazy intrigue duel, when the hosts, playing during the match 0:3, still managed to win with a score of 5:4.

Well, here was not without a fight. In the first period of relations decided to find myself and Dmitry Subbotin, Andrei Kovalenko from Omsk, and Darius Kasparaitis from Kazan, who is considered one of the toughest defenders of the NHL and therefore has a nickname of an unfriendly ghost. Bout two for one ended in a draw, and the flames poured goalkeeper Kazan and Stanley Cup winner Nikolai Khabibullin who secretly drove a stick an opponent, for which he was defeated on the ice.

Buckler dispute these teams continued to the end of the match, when Andrei Nazarov - a rare event for him - was involved in the effective attack, and then tangled with Kasparaitis, who was easily packed on ice. In general, the conclusion is simple - if the NHL lockout will last well into the next season, ahead of us, not only classy hockey, but ice and great carnage.

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