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Evner Eisenberg: "First of April for me - just another ordinary day"

March 28 2006

VGIK a master-class of the largest American actor Evnera Eisenberg - a man compared to Charlie Chaplin, known worldwide for its performances, where he plays one. Evner explaining to students their technique, game tactics, demonstrated techniques, talked about his views on the art of making people laugh.

For Evnera Eisenberg clowning - the most direct, most pure art: For nothing separates the game from a clown laughing audience. "In an open contact, open work feelings - said eccentric - respectively, the main mistake of the genre happens when a person consciously seeks to amuse others." For him, this situation - a failure. Evner appreciates the unconscious, spontaneous fun, which invites us to the reality of life itself. Perhaps that is why the question "What a joke you've stored on the first of April?" He replied that he does not know that on April 1 for him - the same day as everyone else.

"People laugh when the others that something does not work" - so Isenberg understands humor. We can say that in such a principle and a desire to combine the immediacy and American individualism. But we must always bear in mind how much Evner insists that the joke was unintentional.

To illustrate, he cited the example of his practice in the American school of acting (and he teaches in Germany, and Finland is considering a special course in Russia). One student made suit. He wanted very much to laugh came, he carefully cut out the paper buttons, fabricate intricate patterns, but to achieve the desired did not work - no one laughed. In the end, the student is so desperate that he almost shed tears - here then and laughter began. It was a real laugh, a laugh out of life, and therefore - the most valuable for the clown.

But the clown comes on stage is clearly to make people laugh, apparently deliberately, apparently with the expectation, and here we have a question arises: how to translate that spontaneity in life, how not to think about what you want to laugh? Eisenberg learned not to think he learned his spontaneity. On stage, he improvises. Eccentric able to scratch to create their "problems" to turn them into new and more new ones - for a laugh it will not be long. Twisted leg - bent to return to its former position - stretched, lengthened arm, led her to order - turned his head cocked to one side. And so almost indefinitely.

Eisenberg said: "My task - to arrange a" problem "and start playing, the rest does not bother me. How will behave in the audience - it is not my concern. " "Once I had a speech - says Enver - where no one laughed. After graduating from one of my friends came backstage and asked how can that be why no one laughed? And I said: "I can not imagine that I was doing, if they started to laugh. Why is that? What do I care what he's funny and what is not? "

In this case, most often at his concerts, laughing, very loudly and a lot. Concerts "without laughing," occur in Enver's very rare.


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