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Group Bravo: ageless dudes

March 28 2005

Group "Bravo" in his own inimitable. This product "Khrushchev thaw", which revived in the 80 - "gloomy" period of frequent change of leaders - has managed to preserve the unique music of the 60's. Group Bravo was able to survive and the restructuring of the groups-by-night, and the craze for rock. Without convulsive records new albums hold more than 20 years and successfully fit into the modern market, had not done in this case the N-th number of new hits.

"Bravo continues to listen and expensive cars, and in dormitories. For more than a month, continues a tour of the cities of Russia and Ukraine. Their performances attract three generations of fans, and meanwhile, grows and fourth. So long life has become an occasion to talk with the founder and band leader Eugene Havtanom.

Birthday: brawl ordered?

- Jack, I know that a group of "Success" appeared in the 83 th, 86 th received a professional status in the 87-m released his first vinyl disc. Why is it the year of your birth you call the 84-th?

- During the day we are born, we believe a memorial concert in one of DK, who almost became our last. It was Andropov's times when police patrols were also put in daytime raids on movie theaters and stores, wondering why the citizens are not in the workplace. Censorship was tight enough, the texts of each song had to be litovat - that is to say, and intensify.

Here comes a young band that sings songs of unapproved, gathering crowds of fans. We could not help the authorities concerned of the Interior. And at the March concert, after a couple of songs that we had to sing, appeared on the scene officers Beskudnikovsky police station and took us - at first behind the scenes, and then taken to Petrovka.

- You hit?

- No, but set up guards were aggressive. They were warned that we were "fascist groups" and therefore treated us rudely.

- He was released soon?

- If! To Petrovka we went about a year. Gather together close to the "sausage", and then went to testify. Blood if we spoiled decently: it is first, everything seemed fun adventure, but it turned out much more seriously. We wondered if just two agencies: Lubyanka studied our literary work, trying to find there sedition, and tried to blame the Anti-Corruption Squad of the article "Private enterprise" on which we were supposed to from 3 to 5 years. And it was no longer a joke. While Alexei Romanov (group "Sunday") because of similar accusations had served about a year.

- But then after all your business shut down?

- All terminated by itself, as the leadership changed again. The previous government was already on its last legs, because she could not hit much. Of course, it's not gone for us in vain: I have several times expelled from the institute, our drummer, lost his job. But we were able to speak again, as rumors of a ripped concert and a ban only added our popularity. Although, as I said earlier, our birthday was about to become our last day.

Orange tie against White Roses

- When Gorbachev became easier to work?

- Under Gorbachev, the country began the chaos, the same thing happened with the artists. Much has changed, but not all for the better. Was not censorship, abolished hudsovet, who nevertheless played a positive role in preventing stroke songs with a low artistic level.On the one hand, the way songs from creation to performance declined, but on the other hand, this time on the scene rushed a flood of mediocrity and banality. Untrained viewers could not immediately figure out what is good and bad. These were times of "Tender May" that gathered when the stadiums. And although that period is over, the fruits we reap today.

- It was at that time (in 1988) your group has left singer Joan Aguzarova .

- She decided to do his solo career, and that was our separate ways. Over the next 6 years we have changed several soloists: Evgeny Osin, Irina Epifanova, Valery Syutkin, and since 1994 we sang Robert Lentz. Much to my happiness, all differences with the band members, which are inevitable in any group, we encountered only on the creative, but not on a commercial basis ...

- How did you find her Soloists? Or did they find you?

- Jeanne called me very late at night, got my phone from mutual acquaintances. Valeria Syutkina invited me, after seeing his performance. My idea of what should be a group of "Bravo" for a specific period of its existence, it is natural change - and by happy coincidence, at the right time there is a new lead singer, which correspond to these representations. Of course, he brings something of their own, but with the style of the band remained practically unchanged.

Stars catalog

- To my dvuhdesyatiletnemu anniversary you've released a new CD «Star Catalog", where golden hits of "Bravo" sing young performers. On what basis were selected soloists?

- With most of them I knew well, and they accepted my invitation with pleasure. In Zemfira, for example, favorite singer - Joan Aguzarova. Others, such as Billy Novick, found myself. Called him an appointment. And he was glad that he supported my idea of joy.

- For those who have not had luck to listen to this CD: list who are still working on this project.

- Recorded music group "Bravo", a song - Ilya Lagutenko, Max Pokrovsky, Dmitry Spirin from the punk band "Cockroaches", Tanya Litvinenko from "Carnival", Garik Sukachev duet with Masha Makarova, Sergey Mazaev, a group of "B- 2, Maxim Leonids and Billy Novick from "Billy's Band." A complete album of my new song by the group of "Bravo".

- I personally really liked the album. But was surprised that all the performers, such as very easy to fit into the musical style of "Bravo" - personality receded into the background. And Zemfira indeed, even remotely, like Jeanne Aguzarova. It turns out, the singer of "Bravo" Anyone can become a singer?

- Yes. Only if he is really talented.

Not bad and not brutal

- Who is your audience?

- Our special audience: thinking, feeling. With intelligence and good taste. Some of our fans a lot of students, intellectuals ... We've travel around the country stand in the big cities. We are pleased to note how well we take young audience, which is becoming more and more.

- Do you still write music by yourself? There was no desire to work with other composers?

- In the history of "Bravo, we performed no more than five other people's songs: one from the repertoire of" Depeche Mode "," The best city in the world "Magomaev," faith "Garik Sukachev ... well, and can still couple.There are musicians who offer us their songs, but still creative alliance have arisen.

- I know that you are writing more and poems.

- There was such an experience, but the music is closer to me.

- It is believed that the popularity of a team depends on the TV, and rotation on the radio. You'll see on TV very often, but, nevertheless, your popularity might envy and "Star Academy", and those whom we hear on the air almost daily.

- We are no exception. There are plenty of teams that do not show on TV, but despite this, they live a rich creative life. You know a group of "Friday"?

- I heard.

- So it collects huge audience. They go to people who do not look "Factory". We are on television does not often visit. Not to say that such a system we are quite satisfied, but to change something in the works is unlikely to be. We are what is: not terrible, not brutal ...

- ... And the good and funny?

- Sometimes sad, though more are remembered our cheerful songs.

- What is the secret of your creative longevity?

- The secret? (Eugene thinks - aut.) Maybe the fact that we write songs nefigovye. Sometimes the food in the car listening to the radio, and there heard my song ... nice!

- And imagine how many more people at this point go in the cars and enjoy listening to your songs?

- And that makes me even more pleasant.


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