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Wrong Side of the Gulf War in Sam Mendes' "Jarhead"

December 27 2005

"Like most good Marines, I hated the army. I hated to be a Marine because more than anything I wanted: to be smart, famous, sexy, oversexed, drunk, good fack, high, lonely, famous, smart, known, understood, loved, forgiven, oversexed, drunk, high , smart, sexy - but I was a Marine. Jarhead. "

Anthony Swofford, a novel «Jarhead»

In 1990, the 20-year-old Anthony Swofford, the hereditary military was in the desert of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf War. In 2003 he published a book of his memoirs, which became a bestseller.

Nine weeks, she never left the lists of the best books on the version of "The New York Times". The newspaper called it "almost a classic ... wonderful memoir about the war in the Persian Gulf in 1991 and is one of the best books written about the war. This wild reality familiar to millions of young people, but it is rarely open so fully. "

This is raw, the story told by the mouth of twenty young men, to tory told us about a very different war than the media. This is a view from the ground - at the burning oil wells, cock flames into the night sky like a comet that fell to the ground. On the dirty, rough and languishing on the sexual desire of recruits, enthusiastic and at the same time afraid of what was about to start a war - or, conversely, will not start. Young people who are thrown into unfriendly terrain, and they try to escape, playing football in gas masks, waiting for letters and pornographic magazines, placing bets in a scorpion hiding and getting drunk at Christmas spent away from loved ones.

"When I first read this book, I saw that the war it is described through the prism of perception of a very special person who is trying to cope with each other and understand ourselves. I was impressed with this mixture, "machismo, comedy, surrealism and dry observations - director Sam Mendes said about the book" Jarhead. " - This book about the war like nothing on earth, and war like nothing on earth, and I thought that my film about the war, too, would like nothing on earth. Every Marine a special experience, with each group a special experience, each battalion of a special experience - even in the same war. I was interested to make the movie about this remarkable man, how the experience changed him. "

"What we remember about the Gulf War? - Continues to Mendez. - These neat television images with small bombs that fall exactly in the toy city, without any sign of human life. For me, it was interesting to see it from the ground, because such a picture to us at that time no one showed. Experience Tony in the desert has turned our understanding of the norm in terms of war - it's like Salinger wrote about it. "

"I told my own story of the Gulf War - said Swofford. - By the Corps of Marines, I joined at age 18, in December 1988. It is very tempting to young people of a certain type. Back in uchebke I once saw a group of guys who have and weapons, and the form was better. They were snipers and they were surrounded some mysticism. "

Starring Jake Gillenhal, Peter Sarsgaard, Lucas Black and Jamie Foxx. Music by Thomas Newman. Musical consultant Randall Poster. Casting Debra Zahn. Mounting Walter Merca. Production designer Dennis Gassner, the operator of Roger Deakins. Executive producers Sam Mercer and Bobby Cohen. Producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher. Based on the book by Anthony Swofford. Screenplay by William Broyles Jr.. Directed by Sam Mendes.

takes places where the 1990 hit Swofford, was impossible, so the filmmakers had to find a few film sets.
Filming began in the halls of the studio Universal, and ended exactly five months in the desert of Glamis, California.

"One of the striking paradoxes of the film - that the shooting lasted for five months ... exactly the same as soldiers from the book, Tony spent in the desert," - says Mendez.

One of the unique problems for the crew was the re-establishment of military operations. In the Gulf War were involved in a lot of equipment (which the military had no intention to provide filmmakers), and despite the widespread belief that this war was widely publicized by the media, few people knew the details about what is happening on the ground, rather than in the air.

The goal was to make sure that this was a film on behalf of the Marines, not Marines. As noted by Anthony Swofford, "the life of an ordinary soldier is different from the views of her public. This mixture was longing, admiration, fear, desire, sadness ... And in the life of the military have parts that are very important - friends that help you write love letters, endless stories they tell each other, the desire to be heard. My friend and the twentieth time, listen to me the same story, because he will know what's important for me to tell her. "

Joined On:

JAKE GILLENHAL (Anthony Swofford) - one of the most promising actors of his generation.

Among recent roles Gillenhala - film by John Madden on the famous play "Proof" won the Pulitzer Prize. Partners, the young actor on the film were Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins.
Among other works actor - "Josh and Sam," "Dangerous Woman" with Debra Winger, "City Slickers." Gillenhal also plays in the theater.

Peter Sarsgaard (Troy Allen) - is known for its ability to penetrate into the inner world of his characters, which are apparently something is not easy.
Among the actor's latest projects - a psychological thriller The Dying Gaul, "Craig Lucas, with Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott. Sarsgaard plays a novice writer, involved in a difficult relationship with studio executives, and his lovely wife. Premiere took place at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

His other roles - in the movie Kathryn Bigelow K-19 "with Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. For the first time the actor was seen as a rival of Leonardo DiCaprio and John Malkovich's son in "The Man in the Iron Mask." In addition, he starred in "another day in paradise," Larry Clark's "Dead Man Walking by Tim Robbins, Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon.

Chris Cooper (Colonel Kazinski) - one of the most famous character actor of our time. In 2003 he was awarded an Academy Award and Golden Globe for best supporting actress in the film "Adaptation" director Spike Jonze.

In 2002, Cooper starred in "The Bourne Identity" as Tredstouna, head of the secret CIA unit. In 2004 he appeared in the flashback scenes in the movie sequel, "The Bourne Supremacy."

In 2000, Cooper, along with Mel Gibson played in the movie "The Patriot" Roland Emmerich. In the same year he starred in the comedy "Me, Myself and Irene" by Peter and Bobby Farrelly, Jim Carrey.

Jamie Foxx (Sergeant Sykes) in 2004 was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor. He played the legendary musician Ray Charles in Taylor Hackford film "Ray." In addition to the Oscar, Fox got for the film "Golden Globe"

Sam Mendes (director) in 1999, Mendes made his debut in a movie with a picture of "American Beauty", for which he received a Golden Globe Award and the Directors Guild. The film received five Academy Awards, including nomination as Best Picture and Best Director. In 2002, Mendes made the adaptation of the graphic novel by Max Allan Collins' Way cursed "with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. The film received seven nominations for the Academy Award ®.

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