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Jokes ... (April 26, 2009 Issue 2)

April 26 2009

After a 10-second toast, he finally felt at ease .......
-------------------------------------------------- ----
My wife is in tears pronounces her husband:
- I have two weeks more firmly to you, that I did not have to give on the day
birth, but you still forgot about it! ..
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Sexual life in marriage - it's as scholarship. It happens regularly,
but it can not survive.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The young couple had a daughter. Happy Father offers his wife:
- Let's daughter Lisa is called, we have both mother Elizabeth, so they will be delighted!
- I'm afraid, on the contrary, every resentment that was named after another ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
There are two actor before going on stage - are worried terribly.
One another:
- Vasya, look - I have everything to suit ok?? A haircut is not disheveled??
And the shoes are clean, and the arrows naglazheny normal?
- Yes, everything is fine, but I - look, sing!!
- Yes, too good. Come on, Vasya, mash lips, tongue twisters again:
"In the courtyard grass, the herb wood ....."
Loud whisper from the stage:
"The fifth and sixth snowflakes - the output "......
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The theater staged "Fathers and Sons" in the modern interpretation -
"Ancestors and Geeks."
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Blonde walks into a library and asks:
- Me, please, two sandwiches and coffee.
She pulls:
- The girl is the library!
Blonde (fearfully behind his hand, whispering):
- Oh, excuse me, please! Me two sandwiches and coffee!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The metro ride two guys in front - two girls.
One guy says to another:
- Well, get acquainted with your girlfriends?
- Why not?
- Well, fine. Your true, strashnovatenkaya ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Spring. Prostokvashino. The sun is shining ... Uncle Fedor garden digs.
Flies Galcian:
- Uncle Fedor, let the ruble!
- Why?
- Well, you know, spring, sun, love like ... There I was waiting for such a titmouse ...
And I'm on the rocks ...
- Here's the ruble. The right thing, fly, have fun.
The ball then goes:
- Uncle Fedor, give troyachok!
- Why?
- Well, you know, spring, sun, love like ... There I was waiting for this bitch ...
Well you know ...
- Here's the ruble. The right thing, go and rest.
Comes Matroskin:
- Uncle Fedor, give gold coin!
- Why?
- What are you up to date - spring, sun, love like ...
- Well, Matroskin, here's a gold piece. The right thing - enjoy yourself.
After a while Uncle Fyodor climbs into the attic for Agricultural Affairs
and sees - sits Matroskin and wank. Uncle Theodore in full oshizenii:
- Matroskin, I gave you CHERVONETS!
- And I'll save!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Gulliver in Lilliputian came to the disco.
And the beginning of his sausages, and midgets, respectively, Ivy .......

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