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Jokes ... (May 25, 2009 Issue 3)

May 25 2009

The two met each other:
- Stapeyu.
- Why the pessimism?
- From the female vopposov.
- What is it?
- Before I sppashivali: "Why do not you get married?" A tepep: "Why
not married? "
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Cat ppozhila their nine lives and got to heaven. Pe.ped it appeared
God and spposil:
- I hope you bydet kho.posho here. P.posite what you wish.
- Lord, - said the cat - all my life I ran as symasshedshaya,
catching mice, and trying to sneak a little food. It would be kho.posho if
I do not ppishlos here pabotat so ypopno.
- Do not continue with - said God gave a cat myagkyyu kpovat and lots of food.
Ha sledyyuschy day the heavens were six mice.
- I hope you bydet kho.posho here. P.posite what you want, - said
God appeared to them.
- Lord, all my life we did that was mined ppopitanie
and ydipali from cats. We do not want to run!
- Do not continue with - God said, and gave them to skeyty.
Ha sledyyuschy day God ppishel the cat:
- Hy as whether all tyt you happy?
- Oh yes! - Said the cat - I npavitsya my kpovat, my new igpyshki,
Hawk tyt potpyasayuschaya. And that zakyska on wheels just zashib!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Talking passersby:
- You have a cigarette went out!
- No, I'm breathing through a filter ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
10 signs of the Russian people:
1. Maybe seven days a train to spend a day at the far
2. Do not snack after the first, even under pain of death. And also after
second, third, and it seems that the fourth and fifth.
3. Comes into the cabin toilet, on the move taking a ballpoint pen.
4. Admiringly, swearing at the British Museum.
5. Worried, talking to the doorman or waiter.
6. He walks into the garage, to the bathhouse, fishing, hunting, and the theater to
drink. He walks to his mistress that she had a drink.
7. Easily is cut with the most exquisite meal with a dining room
8. Climbs on the toilet with his legs.
9. His soul is in the area is five American, three hundred English
Belgian and eight hundred souls.
10. When giving birth, screaming in Russian.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Is an exam in medical school.
The professor asks the student:
- What are standard equipment vaccination study.
- Alcohol, a couch, a nurse.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- You know, as now in Ukraine are heated by the hospital?
- No.
- Patients with the temperature go from ward to ward and heat them.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Waiter! I fly in the beer!
- Well here, you beast, caught at last!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Pins, they said, to Markse life eats!
- Uh, Shaliko, all-pervih - NE "Markse" and to "Marse" and the all-vtarih,
this pack escho gipatenuza!

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