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Jokes ... (May 25, 2009 Issue 2)

May 25 2009

As a result, promptly held yesterday, a police raid on the street
Prostitutes are a part of the city Bzdzhevska stayed for a month without sex.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Lectures on rhetoric - guidance for future lecturers:
- So, if you have the lecture began a dispute with the student, and you can not
to respond to his compelling arguments, it is best to tell him the following:
"Young man, I am, after all, older than you, I know much more than you,
I read a lot about this issue and personally engaged in them, and in general, the channel
here, sucker! "
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Vovochka, for which you have a deuce of dictation?
- Teacher dictates: in the evenings our moms go for a walk on the boulevard ...
And I wrote - my mom is not so !!!!!!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The teacher says Vovochke:
- Vovochka, if you will just continue to learn from bad, then your
father will be gray hair.
- Cool! My dad will be happy, because he has been a whole year
bald Bosko.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Ppihodit devyshka ad ystpaivatsya on paboty in stpip-rest room.
Fits menedzhepy and govopit:
- Zdpastvyyte, I have to declare on paboty.
Account managers:
- Dobpy day, it's you nyzhno obpatitsya to Mihaily - and it ykazyvaet dopogy.
- Devyshka and panshe you dance?
- Of course ...., in school.
- Gpyd show.
Devyshka besppekoslovno performs pposby, zadipaya its blyzky and baring
- Kho.posho, ppoydite to shesty and tantsyyte.
And includes myzyky.
After 40-minytnogo dance off Michael myzyky and govopit devyshke:
- Sorry, but you will not suit us.
- So why??
- Yes, that's y you hpomaet plastic.
- And I'm still on komp'yute mogy ...
- And moreover, the komp'yute here??
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Lecture for farmers. Lecturer:
- Comrades farmers. Here is the skull of Alexander of Macedon,
where he was 7 years old. But the skull, where he was 25 years old. And finally,
skull of the deceased Alexander of Macedon. Questions?
- Tell me please, how can one person three skulls?
- And you, excuse me, who? - Asks a lecturer.
- Gardeners.
- Here and go to the dick. Lecture for farmers.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Darling, let's meet at 5 o'clock.
- Okay, but when you come?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Studio apartment. On the couch, husband and wife. Next to the cot
mother-in-law. Husband clings to his wife:
- Come on. Come on!
- It's awkward, mom will hear.
- Come on. Come on!
We hear the rhythmic creaking. After a while the cry of his wife: "Oh, Mama!"
- What, my daughter?
- Buy a bread tomorrow.
Mother-in-law herself: "This son is a voracious! Sixth loaf of bread for the night."

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