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"Autograph": super show for the true gourmet

June 24 2005

Previously, they collected the full concert halls, their popularity was comparable with the glory of "Time Machine" and "Resurrection." They became the first Soviet rock group, which presented the Soviet Union on the world stage. But in the early 90's something happened that shocked all fans of quality music - one of the best local rock bands - "Autograph" broke up.

This team has sunk into oblivion, as it did not write even a specialized music magazines, and the band members that exist now, individually and playing in different bands, it seemed, and she recalled the glorious years spent together. Yet a miracle happened - the news arrived that legendary "Autograph" decided to unite for the sake of celebrating the 25 th anniversary team, and in a festive tour through the cities of Russia participated not anyhow who, while playing an original composition. Yes, it is clear that the musicians are united only by a couple of months, and just for the concert, but they are still together and they are once again pleased and shaking his great music, superprofessionalnym execution.

- For many Russian music lovers and fans of truly high-quality Russian rock revival of "Autograph" was a pleasant surprise. And who first had the idea of your association?
Alexander Sitkovetsky: The idea is constantly in the air since the beginning of a prolonged sabbatical, that is, since February 1990. We then dispersed to different countries and continents, but we have all this time, it is the mass of the proposals to come together, something to write and speak at some festival. But we have rejected all this only because if not matched by many factors. But this time they are matched.

In November 2004, Leonid Gutkin received an offer from a well-known promoter of Andrei Agapov. And almost at the same time our old western partners have also started to be interested in us. Then see how many anniversaries at once? Twenty-five years, "autograph," Twenty years World Festival «Live Aid», which we oppose. Plus another twenty-five years by the Tbilisi festival "Spring Rhythms - 80", which we also participated. Yet even this set of dates influenced the decision to meet again. Just something happened in the lives of our men. Whether planets lined up correctly ....

Started touring the "golden" composition "of 31 May in Rostov-on-Don, on June 2 in New Orleans, then - Samara, Kazan, Minsk, St. Petersburg, and, finally, June 23, Moscow SK" Olympic ". At the final concert of the tour mapped out a big laser and pyrotechnic show.

I though am a fairly young generation, not finding the years of triumph "Autograph", went on concert with some trepidation, with the expectation of something incredible, fantastic. At the place I was about an hour before the concert. "Olympic" was still quite empty. Crept into the idea - is it forgotten, really, "Autograph" and in fact, no one remembers .... But, no, closer to the appointed time the audience reached out - solid man, with no less respectable women with children, young people 30 years in expensive suits and ties .... I must say, the audience for a sports complex, is used to the Merlin Manson, maksidromam and factories of stars, somewhat unusual ....

People were walking, talking and arguing about the pros and cons of the current creativity of their perennial favorites. Every now and then flashed the familiar faces - here the leader of the "Bravo" Eugene Havtan comes with a big company here, the hero serials Anatoly Zhuravlev, with a companion, Alexander Ivanov of "Rondo" and many, many, many more.

tmechu that the decoration of the hall is actually managed - a shimmering soft light, a huge banner that says "Autograph-25" against the backdrop of thousands of lights, symbolizing the starry sky.

Onset of action with a non-intrusive laser show, which was accompanied by the improvisations performed by keyboardist Leonid Makarevich. Fascinating, is unreal beautiful music, leading up to the state of light trance. But the curtain falls and appears on stage Arthur Berkut. The famous "shower" pursuant to its shrill, slightly cracked voice that makes me understand what caused these respectable people sitting in the hall to come here. I am sure it is not only a sense of nostalgia and longing for the wild youth, but also a desire to amuse your ears real music, live and superkachestvennoy.

In his opening speech to the assembled people, fans, followers, longtime leader of the group, Alexander Sitkovetsky said: "Well, here's how one moment they were more than 20 years, when the last time we were on the scene. That was in another century, another country in a totally different music. But I think the more things change the more they stay as before. Good Evening, Moscow! "Of course we worry, we worry, primarily due to the fact that so many people in the hall, for which our music is connected with the best memories. Because in the hall a lot of our friends, colleagues and very close friends. We are very grateful that today you have come to share our celebration with us.

So this year, 25 years Tbilisi festival 20 years the legendary concert "Life Aid", whereby "Autographed spoke before more than two billion people. Dates are beautiful, round, but not the date today, the main thing. The main thing is the joy of the possibility of uniting all of you to return to the best the happiest years of our life, when before the show sounded "So on the scene of rock group" Autograph "," Autograph "," Autograph ".... Well, finish with the lyrics, now that is waiting for you now - new songs will not. Program we've put together the best in the history of songs .... "

"Gold" songs followed one another, people in the room were a bit stingy with emotions - apparently respectable life years were not wasted. Only one hit was able to pick them up on their feet - filled at the end of the concert "ship". I note an interesting point - almost nobody throughout the 2.5-hour speech did not come out of the room - the lobby is usually full of people in various pop and rock concerts, etc., was empty. Shaw did not let go until the very end - it was not outrageous (but Arthur Berkut tried jumping and vigorous gallop across the stage to produce a certain effect), it was made fun and tasteful.

After the concert, people left satisfied and happy.

Galina: "The concert is very interesting, I really enjoyed the light design, great sound. Impression on the top 5. In fact, I've never been a fan of this group. Yes, heard on the radio, on cassette, but after today, I'm sorry that I used this group did not know .... "

Alex: "A friend accidentally bought tickets and invited me. I had not keen, but he knew them, listened to sometimes. Impression of a great concert, well done old man. Play nice, but the voices, of course have a little - just not the same .... "

Igor musician: "Now very few teams that run alive, they are one of those teams, the that you can come listen to live music. Actually, this music is specific, elitist, not for a wide range of people, even in its time it was not poppy team, it is, of course, listened to the people who played music.

Perhaps that is why today so many people, but most of them say so musical elite.Impressions from the concert only excellent - I have never found on any of the Russian group had not seen such a show in Moscow. On the western, yes - but there are other money .... In general we liked and the sound and atmosphere of the show .... "

Still sad that this wonderful team converged only for a time - will be another couple of weeks, and again they scatter to their current projects, and "Autograph" again go into oblivion ....

Path-the-road music "Autograph" after the collapse of the group:

Alexander Sitkovetsky (guitar)
He has recorded solo albums and Zello Empty Arena. As a session guitarist, has participated in countless recordings - in particular, at the request of the party ordered Matetskiy lead guitar in an action movie Sofia Rotaru "Caravan of Love." Together with Leonid Gutkin organized in Los Angeles, 24-channel recording studio Red Sunset. Created in conjunction with businessman Aleksey Kurochkin company A & T Trade, which has managed to become the leader of the Russian market of musical equipment with a turnover of $ 30 million, now is vice president of A & T Trade Music, specializing in the distribution of musical instrument, why, and began holding A & T Trade.

Leonid Gutkin (bass)
Some time working with Arthur Berkut in the glam-rock group "Rococo." Played in the international group Garden Joy, who had a contract with EMI. Created the record label "Cream Records", which came out Dolphin, Danko, IFK, «Brothers Smile," "Spiral", "Reverse" and others; to this day is its CEO. Playing in his own club rock band Balls Of Fire.

Victor Mikhalin (drums)
Collaborated with Andrew Mishina, played drums in a group of Alla Pugacheva. Produced by Christine Orbakajte, Alexandra Marshall, Alain Sviridov. He worked in the directorate of the company "ORT Records. Passionate about tobacco business - he owns shop Havana at the Komsomolsk prospectus, which specializes in cigars.

Leonid Makarevich (keyboards)
Working in television in the orchestra and teaches piano students at the conservatory.

Arthur Berkut (vocals)
Worked in the U.S. with a group of Siberia, then there's the same with musicians trash Reactor team has created his own group ZOOOM. Returning to Russia, he worked with a group of "Master", recorded with Sergei Mavrin album, "Wanderer". From 2002 - vocalist Aria. "

Sergei Brutyan (vocals)
He worked as a lawyer in a major UK law firm Clifford Chance Moscow. He graduated from the Russian Academy of Advocacy. Lawyer Guild of Russian Lawyers. Participated in the conduct of over 100 civil, criminal and administrative cases, as well as processes in international arbitration courts.

Maria Pavlikova

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