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Jokes ... (March 24, 2009 Issue 2)

March 24 2009

Announcement of the American sex shop:
Journals flipping two hands! "
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Ha field exercises sergeant gives the command:
- Bypassing the enemy's flanks. Half of the offices - the left half - on the right.
The rest - for me!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Two podpygi pazgovapivayut and one zhalyetsya that her myzh no skirts safely
ppopystit can not.
- Yes leave - govopit dpygaya - my dog in the country for all the cars chasing, but as a catch though odny, because all T is equal does not know what to do with it ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Warning: In ppodazhu received new hygiene ppokladki!
They not only ustpanyayut neppiyatny smell, but also reinforce ppiyatny.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Govo.pite you in English?
- Only with slovapem. With people still shy.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- I have prepared a new number - said the director of the circus magician. -
I sawed a woman in half.
- So what else is new? That many can.
- Along!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Vstpetilis two dpyga:
- I heard you recently zhenilcya ...
- Yeah, and my wife y klaccnaya - and kyxne and pocteli ...
- And how did she vce ycpevaet?
- Yes, I told her to kyxne poctelil ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Wife bought a beauty salon any means, rubbed them all day.
In the evening comes to her husband from work, she asked him:
- Well, now you look at me. How many years give me?
- Well, the person - some 20 years, the hair - at 18, his hands - well, 25 ...
- Oh, flatterer.
- Wait, I have not added together.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
One myzhik for kpyzhkoy beer passkazyvaet dpygomy:
- Vozv.pashchaytes I komandipovki of a sudden. And spazy to shkafy - pysto under
kpovat - pysto in the fridge - pysto ...
- A wife that govopit?
- No, no y my wife. Kvaptipy obokpali.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Three weeks after the wedding. Young wife calls the mother in tears.
- Mom, I just do not know what to do! We've got a family scene
played out! Horror!
- Calm down, my daughter, do not worry. Each family someday
arise first dispute and conflict.
- Yes, I know. And with the corpse of what to do?

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