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Monsters nu - metal KORN on stage at the Luzhniki Stadium! Impressions from the concert. (Photo)

September 23 2005

Yesterday, the first Russian award alternative prizes RAMP-2005, turned into a boring and protracted ceremony, despite the jokes beloved leader Alexandr.

Anatolyevich yesterday was clearly in shock wore a green kilt and dancing like dissecting knife dynamics, in which both were winners in the category. In this difficult matter helped him lead the young noisy, whose name, unfortunately, I do not know, because I see it the first time.

So, it all started with injustice. Prior to the ceremony was still 15 minutes, but all the entrances to the stalls have closed, the corridors were worn crowd of angry people with tickets. At this time the ceremony has started and went 10 minutes, the evil uncle riot police and the requests to admit into the hall shrugged and advised to contact the administration that we did. But even with such insolence half-hour event, we missed, and the worst thing was that when we finally ran into the hall, our seats were already occupied, and we barely squeezed through the crowd.

Between the awarding of prizes in the nominations, played the Russian team, which, according to, the creators of an alternative TV channel A-One, selected themselves KORN. At the same stage with the founders of alternative and monsters nu - metal honored to speak: AMATORY, Psyche, SLOT, DEFORM, $ 7000 and Igor Sandler with his project SANDLER.

Honestly, though "our" and tried to the fullest, the fans every now and then started yelling: KORN! and everyone understood that most of the audience gathered for the sake of them. Many openly outraged that came to KORN, rather than a boring ceremony and monotonous Russian alternativschikov. Ardent fans of Jonathan Davis in the pit shifting from foot to foot, and yawned.

Of all the warm-up I remember a few bright moments: first, the performance SANDLER, although many of them clearly did not understand. Knowingly said Alexander A.: "These old guys still lit in the 70th and put on the ears of your parents." The old man Igor lit so that little is not shown. His dark aura vampire make-up, tattoo on his bald skull and half-naked girls in BDSM suits and chains stand out from the newly appeared similar alternativschikov. However, many shouting: "What a monster! Remove from the scene pervert! ". People do not understand. Although, of course, SANDLER would look much more to the place of the Gothic or blekmetal coterie.

In - the second, distinguished St. Petersburg AMATORY. At first, when he handed over the prize, they were not told the public anything. But in the end of the ceremony musicians crept onto the scene with the empty bottle of Red Label viskarya and broke a long speech. It turns out, shy boys, and alcohol led them to feel.

Actually, this is all the impressions of the ceremony. She was infinitely long, nudnovatoy and ... once again indefinitely. Already in the middle of the audience quieted down and yawned, and fans of KORN increasingly interrupted by cries of lead: «KORN! We want to KORN! »

Alexander Anatolyevich had even once cursing obscenities, however, foreign. During the ceremony, it was possible to send SMS-messages that were broadcast on two huge screens. Sometimes appear rather strange lyrics like "I love Boria Moses. Fag is cool "," Gazzayev dog "and the like.

The ceremony finally ended, but after the start of the regular waiting period, which lasted an eternity. KORN equipment installed on the stage, then tune up.

When the on scene rendered famous microphone stand (which Davis in the 98th year, gave the Swiss artist HR Giger) - which meant that the long-awaited meeting with the musicians happen at any moment.

A tense silence, pulsating attention ... and now striding across the stage, Jonathan Davis. Hall roars, string Fieldy publish a powerful roar. Still can not believe, so long awaited, already it seems strange that waited.

Parter swayed and turned into a single living organism. Across the hall flashed a thousand lights - mobile phones, lighters. Wild screams of fans, shrieking fans, co-singing, all this could just drown myself Davis that he can easily and demonstrated by passing a piece of the song, giving his fans to perform, and then re-entering, so much so that chills ran through my body.

In mid-speech, Jonathan came on stage with bagpipes!
Impressed all of a sudden a familiar tune from Metallica, sounding performed by KORN, painfully familiar and unrecognizable at the same time.

They called for an encore, like more and more. Everyone was a little. Everyone wanted to continue. And it was! On the performance was all that was the hallmark of KORN - and a leather kilt Davis, and Adidas, and golf, and fantastic bass, and the famous Giger microphone and powerful sound, and the cells with people. Everything was real close, and painfully familiar. A dream come true Russian alternativschikov. Finally, they are your own eyes have seen all of that so longed to see, soaked like sponges, all the energy the musicians, and went to the concert exhausted, devastated, but immensely happy.

Gallery KORN (New photos are constantly appearing!)

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