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"Spring Chernobyl" by Alexei Borisov

March 23 2006

«It is a protest against pop music, against mainstream», - because some guy tried to explain to the two Chinese who happened to be in concert, Alexei Borisov, meaning. In Russian will be: "It is a protest against the mainstream." Understatement.

The State Center of Contemporary Art Alexei Borisov gave a concert improvisation (which he loves more than anything else): electronics, guitar, Koko (Japanese instrument) for "support" for the video. Expected full of "Night Prospect, Alexei Borisov group, but on stage he was alone - the other two musicians, the group could not come. Borisov had become "one soldier in the field, and he must say, this task responded admirably.

The concert consisted of two parts: the first Borisov played one in the second - with Anna Mikhailova, who played at Koko. The first part was in fact an attack on the artist's world. On a hostile world, a world-Chernobyl. Sophisticated electronic rhythm section, "nuclear" noises. Sometimes Borisov, replacing a missing colleague, took up the guitar and produces impressive, rude noise-passages. On the screen - the aggressive, bright "acid" paint pictures with distorted colors, all kinds of industrial landscapes. Full-scale tank attack with artillery cover. The timbre of some of the noise turned out to be so sharp that it seemed, the eardrums are not stand and falls upon the ears of the blood. Obviously some of the noise arose because of problems with equipment, but they are so well complemented Borisov songs that were more pluses than minuses.

The second branch was of an experimental ethnic slant. Borisov Electronics sounded together with the Japanese national tool called Coco. Was played somewhere in twenty-minute composition, written in oriental style and reminiscent of a long and self-contained setting (both instruments and musicians, and listeners). Atonal poluimprovizatsiya, rich harping overtones. And all this with the same industrial pathos. On the screen - a strange corner of the sidewalk with a sign and STOP, a corner of frantically moving camera. The author of this video art-work was the St. Petersburg artist Alexander Strelets, and called it "Spring in Chernobyl." The human body, is dissolved in an ugly mass of the city, among the terrible visions. And in this nightmare - tuning. Lyrical hero concentration adjusts itself to the desired mood.

The holiday is over quickly: within an hour after the start of Borisov thanked the audience and bowed. And played was clearly not enough - people did not want to, called for an encore - Borisov Mikhailova sang another song and finished the concert.

Seen, of course, raises questions.

- Alex, all students before the concert were distributed to a small mirror. Explain the idea.

- This is also an experiment. But the idea is not quite turned out the fact that there were only two "spotlight". We expected that there will be more, and people blowing the "bunnies" will arrange a live soundlights.

- Despite all the modernity of the action, feel the desire to break through to some archaic ...

- Yes, the same nuclear explosion - one of the main video sequence of images - can be perceived as a blurring of all things, to get a "clean sheet". Yes, it's leap to something primordial, yes.

- Can you call that thing, which was performed in the second part, configuration tools, turned into a self-contained product?

Indeed, Japanese music may seem disjointed European listener, he may think that this is not music, so that anyone can absolutely play a man ... But if you listen, it becomes clear that there are both harmony and melody. But the idea of setting is also present, of course.

Maria Pavlikova

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