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Adventure comedy with John Malkovich Being Stanley Kubrick "

February 23 2006

Written by: Anthony Fryuin. Director: Brian Cook. Producers: Michael Fitzgerald and Brian Cook. Production of the film company "EvropaKorp. Year: 2004. Country: United Kingdom, France.

During the months of very distant from the movie man - homo Alan Conway - disguised himself as one of the greatest filmmakers of his time - Stanley Kubrick. His gamble was extremely successful, although Conway did not even bothered by the fact that the study director's biography and find information about his habits, manner of communication and, of course, his films. He was, and apparently far from Kubrick, however, his talent to improvise and make a fool always brought him a profit and helped to convince not only ordinary people who want the expense of the well-known producer to build a career, but also the rich and famous to fall under the spell of a cunning rogue.

How he managed to set the identity of one of the greatest artists in cinema history? Who was this man really? On these and many other questions are answered in the movie itself.

The plot patterns "Being Stanley Kubrick» (Colour Me Kubrick) directed by Brian Cook went to the real story of the ingenious impostor, played by a talented and consummate actor John Malkovich. While Stanley Kubrick in all possible ways to avoid contact with the press and led a very secluded life, and this took the adventurer.

The film's producer, Michael Fitzgerald of the painting: "Being Stanley Kubrick" - a metaphorical tale of impersonation and the very essence of celebrity. Nowadays people have become famous not because of what they are doing or what they represent. Celebrity - it's just a status, a person receives. There is no reason why the coming glory. It's just a matter of status. "

Directed by Brian Cook admitted that doubts about the actor for starring film, he never was: 'John Malkovich was the first of whom I thought I read the script. Nobody would have played this role better than he. He is simply one of the best actors in the world. "

According to the actor, the role of Alan Conway soon had him in mind, and he felt a strong sympathy for this character. In addition, the actor said that he was always a great pleasure to play brilliant villains and clever tempter. In the film, Stephen Frears' Dangerous Liaisons "(1988) he played an irresistible seducer, and the Vicomte de Valmont intriguing, this is the role and earned him the love of the public and countless movie roles:

John Malkovich about his character: "I read an article about him in Vanity Fair and was impressed. First, the incredible story itself is so brazen appropriation of someone else's identity, and secondly, fabulous choice for this purpose such a complex personality and strong, like Stanley Kubrick. Most impressed me is not the fact of fraud and his cult character. Every element, every hero of this story is explicitly requested on the screen. "

John Malkovich about the script: "The script was very interesting and offers a number of situations of interest to the actor's point of view. I was attracted by the diversity of this character. In this role was a lot of potential, with her could go pretty far. Selected tone eater, ironic and very original. "

In addition, the actor admitted that he was interested to learn of the Conway, his motivations and desires. He did this not only for the fact that the great role to play, but for my own curiosity and pleasure: "Attempts to explain Conway - an exciting experience. Like many others, Conway would not be who he was. He wanted to be respected, famous, mysterious. Alan was not mentally ill. If we recall the definition of a genius creator of Oscar Wilde, Alan Conway is suitable for him. He makes my life art. His actions, his strengths and weaknesses - all part of the art, which aims - to make life more interesting. "

John Malkovich about director Brian Cook: "Brian put his first film, and he dealt with task brilliantly. I met him when he was an assistant director, and he even then impressed me. He is a very open person. During the filming he was not given by the existential questions and knows how to shoot. He knew exactly what she wants. He kept his cool, despite the rather nervous-debutant director position. With him was a pleasure to work with. "

On the question of what will take place this movie in your multi-faceted career, John Malkovich, said: "It was a very unusual experience. Exciting role, carried away by the team, great partners in the game. The shooting lasted only eight weeks, but on the court prevailed harmonious and natural atmosphere. For me, this role was an opportunity to try something new. Most in the profession I love experiments.

Track record of films the actor:

• Bernardo Bertolucci's "Sheltering Sky" (1990);
• «Shadows and Fog Woody Allen (1992);
• «Far From Home" by Gary Sinayza (1988);
• Of Mice and Men "by Gary Sinayza (1992);
• «In the Line of Fire" by Wolfgang Petersen (1993);
• «The Monastery" by Manuel de Oliveira (1995);
• «Beyond the Clouds" (1995) Michelangelo Antonioni and Wim Wenders;
• «Erlkönig" by Volker Schlöndorff (1996);
• «Rock Mulholland, Lee Tamahori (1996);
• «Portrait of a Lady Jane Campion (1996);
• «Con Air" Samyona West (1997);

The apogee of Malkovich's film career was a fantastic projection of himself in Spike Jonze film "Being John Malkovich".

• «Joan of Arc" by Luc Besson;
• «In search of lost time," Raul Ruiz;
• «Man in the Iron Mask," Randall Wallace;
• «Shadow of the Vampire" by Elias Merige;
• King Charles I of England in "The Libertine";
• Bestseller film adaptation of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. "

John Malkovich was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe Award and Bafta.

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