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Jokes ... (November 22, 2009 Issue 1)

November 22 2009

QUESTION: How many legs of mice?
The initial answer: Mice have four feet.
Comment Manager: Expand the answer!
1 st revision: Mice have five appendages, and four of them are feet.
Commentary: Do not explain what is the fifth limb!
2 nd revision: Mice have five appendages, four of them are feet, one is the tail.
Comment: What? Just legs, without feet?
3rd revision: Mice have four feet, four feet and one tail per unit-myshe.
Commentary: How so? In total you are nine legs!
4 th Revision: Mice have four nogostupni and one tail per unit body.
Comment: The answer is not complete.
5-th Revision: Each mouse has four legs and tail.
Each leg in turn, is equipped with a foot at the end opposite the torso, feet, tail is not equipped.
Comment: Descriptive, but not convincing.
6 th Revision: A complete list of limbs in mice: four nogostupni, one tail. Deviations from this list are unacceptable and could lead to improper distribution of securities of the limbs.
Comment: Too authoritarian and suppresses the creativity of the user.
7 th Revision: Animal mouse has four feet, each foot is connected to a small foot, part of a whole animal with the structure of the mouse. For animal mouse also attached a thin tail, non-functional and decorative in nature.
Comment: Too verbose and pseudo-scientific. Answer the question right!
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Son comes to the country to his father. Lived a couple of days, then says:
- Pope, carried you a toilet in the garden to the devil and make a normal toilet in the house. Well shame after all, the neighbors feel ashamed.
- You do not indicated. No one my toilet does not interfere, is currently in the bottom of the garden, over the river, and it is not visible.
- Dad, well, ugly though.
- Leave me alone.
Well, I think his son. Late at night when everyone went to bed, he quietly started the car and even shoved a toilet so that it flew into a river.
The next morning comes ill father:
- You're my toilet shoved so that he flew into the river?
- No, not me.
- Listen, son. Admit - it's already half a pardon. Here is your friend Vasya broke his father's apple tree and then admitted - his father forgave him. Say - you pushed outhouse?
- Well I do.
Father swings, and a son - on the ear!
- Dad, what are you doing? Sam told me how Vaska father forgave when he broke the apple tree.
- When Vaska apple tree broke his father was not sitting on it!
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- News heard? End of the year. The most prestigious men's competition.
- What is called for?
- Well, I'm telling you - end of the year.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
- Do you think it necessary to resist evil - violence?
- Resist, of course, need ... But just imagine what could come raped evil!
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
- Samuel for twenty years in Canada made a spectacular career. He made his way from the bottom to the top.
- So?
- Began shoe polisher, and became a hairdresser!

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