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A mysterious neighbor: someone walks on the moon

July 22 2005

Long been noted that during the full moon activates the brain and the subconscious, more sensitively perceived signals of the external world, exacerbated response. Full Moon reportedly has a magical effect, sometimes pushing people to commit incomprehensible, uncontrollable behavior. In the Middle Ages Moon ascribed mystical properties, and the peak of its activity was associated with witchcraft. All this, of course, is not casual.

Yesterday something happened that, according to astronomers, is once every 20 years. The moon has settled down to Earth near normal , and residents of the European part of Russia could watch it in all its glory, visually increase by almost a third. Amazing sight, especially for owners of telescopes, telescopes and other optics.

That's just what we are so attracted to a mysterious neighbor? Indeed, at first glance everything is very simple, Moon - the only natural satellite of Earth, a comparative study in comparison with other celestial body. Periods of rotation of the Moon around the Earth's axis and around the same, so it always faces the Earth on one side. The surface temperature on the lunar equator during the day varies from 120 to 1,600 C. The moon has no atmosphere. During the lunar month occurring on Earth tides in the seas and oceans, and their power increases and decreases depending on the day of the lunar month.

However, from the earliest times the moon is haunted by the inquisitive minds. She appears in the mythology of different nations, with her begins to explore the starry sky the first astronomers. Cyrano de Bergerac and the heroes of Wales first went to the lunar voyage. On the moon progulyalas American expedition, though some dispute this fact and give the curious case, in one word - a detective. Wolves howl at the moon, full moon at all times of werewolves, vampires and other evil spirits, as well as accidents, sick syndrome or simply sleepwalker sleepwalkers, wandering in a dream in the moonlight. And many, many countries are linked with the Moon, or rather with life on its surface.

For example, researchers of the Moon for over 300 years of record various countries yavleniya.18 July 1178 English chronicler Gervasi Canterbury gave the following testimony. Five people have sworn under oath that they saw as "the superior horn of a young moon has split into two parts. From the middle of the fault suddenly popped up a flaming torch, scattering in all directions, fire, hot coals and sparks a long distance. " According to D. Hartung and J. O'Keefe, this phenomenon was accompanied by the fall of a meteorite on the invisible side of the moon, which formed a 20 km crater Giordano Bruno.

Unusual phenomenon is often observed during lunar eclipses. The most mysterious and little-known left-moving short-term phenomenon. Over the last 30 years, astronomers have observed experienced at least two thousand times. That this is still no one knows. Basically - they are a flash light or dark spots moving on the background of the disk of the Moon and possibly even above its surface. Since September 11, 1967 a group of observers noted in the Sea of Tranquility dark rectangular spot, moving from west to east for 8-9 seconds. Near the terminator (the line separating the illuminated hemisphere of the dark), it is no longer visible, and after 13 minutes around the crater Sabine, located in the area of motion of the spot, a fraction of a second flashed a yellow light. After 20 days in the area observed a bright spot, moving at 80 km / hr.

In 1963,Astronomers Flegstavskoy Observatory in Arizona have seen on the moon a giant glowing moving objects as small as 5 km in length and 300 meters wide. Total number of objects 31. They moved in a strict geometric construction, and between them to move objects a smaller diameter of about 150 m. This was reported by participant observation Dr. James Greenacre.

What this shows. Some researchers say the unknown right - the moon's surface manmade. In other words, on her creep mechanisms of unknown origin and purpose. In the UK, published a book by a certain J. Leonard in 1977 with the sensational title: "On our moon is someone else" and the subtitle: "amazing facts found intelligent life on the Moon." Nobody knows who is hiding under the pseudonym J. Leonard, however, that this man was obviously well informed. In his possession was thirty-five photographs, each accompanied by a code number by NASA. In a book published dozens of detailed sketches, high-quality large-format photographs by NASA, supported by statements of experts. All this, according to the author, suggests that the moon discovered signs of intelligent life.

On the appointment of some mechanisms in photographs can be guessed by their impact on the lunar surface. The edges of some craters are destroyed by something that moves them in a spiral that resembles a "mundane" huge career for mining by opencast methods.

Pronounced polygonal shape has many craters, especially on the reverse side of the moon. The astronauts of Apollo 14 "during a flight around the moon made an interesting photograph. It clearly shows a giant mechanical device, later called "superustroystvom-1971." Inside the crater, not throwing shadows, there are two light and delicate design. From their base long stretch cords. Approximately the size of the device is 1,6-2,4 km.

Here were found two and three-story rectangular building, with the upper floor is a rectangle of similar, but smaller. Sometimes at the base of the lower rectangle could see large round holes, arranged in series at the same distance from each other.
At the bottom of the crater Copernicus, one can see the construction of a triangle, put on the ground. On its lateral surface are different characters, reminiscent of the figures and geometric shapes.

In the area of the crater King is a large number of mechanical devices, code-named "X-Drones," because they resemble the letter "X". These giant "diggers" develop the slopes of the crater, oblamyvaya rocky ground and throwing him to the surface. Along with the "X-drones" the moon's surface are developing so-called "T-dippers."

Very impressive in the pictures look like objects that are moving, leaving a trail. The length of the tracks ranged up to 2.5 kilometers, the width reaches 16 m NASA called them "pebbles". According to the author, on the moon by aliens engaged in violent geological activity. Hard to say how much the facts that are used by J. Leonard in his book close to the truth. Maybe - it's just a clever fake. But here's another interesting fact.

Japanese Yatsuo Mitsusima more than 10 years, systematically observed the Moon with 800-fold telescope and was repeatedly filmed spans dark objects on different parts of the moon. He has received sensational material: the diameter of objects - an average of about 20 kilometers, and velocity - about 200 kilometers per second. Miracles, and only! But do not believe it.The beauty is that all these interesting hypotheses can be verified in person, armed with a telescope. Interested? Then forward to get a decent telescope is not a problem, you can even do it yourself. And who knows, maybe you'll uncover the secrets, it seemed certain from all sides of the moon. At least, clear, warm summer nights in such studies have.

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Константин Дятлов

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