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Marilyn Manson in Moscow: The Show must go on

June 22 2005

This year, Mr. Marilyn Manson, proudly proclaiming «AGAINST ALL GODS» went on a tour of Europe, speaking at the biggest festivals and collecting all the large army of his fans. In Russia, the great showman, too, was not to look away.

Many people are unfamiliar with his music and lyrics, go to the concert, looking forward to an unforgettable drive and action, much of what he's singing too, the devil knows. Who was on his last concert, will understand what I mean.

February 24, 2001 "great antichrist of all time" has performed in Moscow in the same Olympic Stadium. His statement caused a serious stir in the audience: the grandmother with placards: "Get thee hence Satan!" And "Down with Satan in Moscow!" Tried to picket the "Olympic", but to no avail.

And this year, these same grandmother before the show ran on the transition, and sold the last tickets for the concert grand Manson, making it not a joke PR.

"A man of legend! The devil in the flesh! "- Cried a sweet old lady. This is how it is.

June 20 performance at the Ice Palace Manson put on the ears of Peter, but yesterday, a tireless and devilishly charming Marilyn went wild in the "Olympic".

In an interview before a performance in Moscow, Mr. Manson has admitted that the work helps him get rid of the demon cat orye is in his soul.

"I must draw, to create songs, and it is not in order to achieve recognition, this is due to the fact that the demons inside me. And sometimes I feel the happiest moments, and I want to express them. "

"I always wanted to entertain people, and if I spend the day, nothing is created, I was attacked by depression."

"Handsome devil" is not as scandalous and sexy, his behavior at the scene was much calmer and theater.

The "Olympic", the legendary Manson spoke almost no make-up, showing their popolnevshie buttocks, occasionally lifting up a black skirt and adjusting stockings.

Recently he has changed, in an interview is often said that trying to correct life, at least, more correct.

His new bride - Dita Von Teese is trying to make it indicative boy, and he himself Manson understands that it's time to slow down already. From this series of his fans do not turn down.

The "Olympic" Manson suddenly appeared on the scene almost promised time, no heating was not, nor is it the best, who, he actually needed, this warm-up.

People came to Manson - the one and only, unpredictable and outrageous.

Female half was ecstatic, dancing pit raged.

Olya, 23: "The concert brought me into raptures. I'm not his fan, but it shows I am very impressed. Particularly liked his partying and artistic gestures! Very charming style! In the dance pit in the center of events completely lacked any aggression, one solid and positive relationship of souls. "

On the balconies accommodated mothers and grandmothers with children in his uncle's grave costumes and other varied and colorful public.

People sat sedately, as in the theater, considering the great Antichrist of binoculars. Another would be different from the balconies do not see.

At the concert, Manson sang his best songs, mostly from the albums that brought him real fame: Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood and the Golden Age Of Grotesque.

one single track he appeared on giant stilts, resembling a huge sinister spider. The song Nobodies, he pretended to be poor, theater and elegant gesture, took off his hat, depicted playing the saxophone.

Eerie cacophony of sounds emitted from the saxophone, made room frantically screaming and applauding.

God eat God was accompanied by a large photograph on the screen: "Christ, Reagan, Bush, Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, Christ again.

By Coma White c ceiling falling snow flakes.

Manson is laid out in full, filling the souls of his furious energy, entertaining fans with extravagant antics and its original sense of humor.

Submission Manson finished very abruptly, after a change of scenery has sounded a song where Manson portrayed a dictator - a puppet in military uniforms of Soviet times.

Concert cut short as if in mid-sentence, leaving in every soul its particular message; crowd did not disperse for a long time, waiting to continue.

When the lights came on, the hall began to leave people stunned, astonished, entertained, vividly discussing the elements of the show and the impressions received.

The Russian press has dubbed Manson's "outrageous idol XXI century", the foreign press also blames the fact that it promotes the decadence and provoke scandals.

He is credited with animal abuse, blasphemy, homosexuality, violence, drug trafficking, corruption of minors, the undermining of the foundations, and other sins that makes "great Antichrist" is even more popular.

What did people do adore and worship their idol?

• Manson, truthful and honest: he openly ridicules the notorious values and lifestyles of modern American society, thus making it conceptually, with humor and at the highest artistic level, not for nothing that he last worked as a journalist.

He openly shows and fun image of "synthetic human west.

• Manson holds sarcastic: a finger in his mouth is not luggage, and then bites:
Courtney Love had the imprudence to provoke smb. 'S wrath Manson and his harsh judgments. Once in a live radio broadcast, she said that would never allow their children to go to concerts, the man who promoted drugs and whose poster hangs on the stage "drug - it's cool."

What was said immediately asked to comment on the hero himself, what he said that he was not interested in the opinions of women, make a name for the performance of roles girlfriends dead celebrities.

Mrs. Cobain, who used hard drugs, even during pregnancy, he politely advised to keep quiet for the next twenty years, which she did.

• Manson - napodrazhaem and creative, his shows are always theatrical and spectacular.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley, in an interview, frankly admitted: "I love his show. I was at eight of its concerts. What Happens in Vegas, I went in his representation of two times per night. He - the most memorable stage actor, whom I have ever seen in my life. "

• Manson is free in his opinions, even if it comes to politics.

He spoke at the last election in support of George Bush. His reasoning was quite original: "You know, Clinton is a positive that in addition to oral sex to him and complain about something not for that. And Bush, judging by the faces and papa, - first-class fool, so we have finally come again wagging.

• He was charming and gallant.Suffice it to recall his wives, girlfriends and numerous fans.

• Manson - creative nature and a good businessman. He paints watercolors their fantasies and self-portraits, which are sold afterwards for ten thousand dollars.

And it's all about him:
• Real name: Brian Warner (Brian Warner).
• Birthday: January 5, 1969.
• Hometown: Canton (Canton), Ohio.
• Up to the tenth grade attended a private Christian school ("Heritage Christian School").
• Musical influences: David Bowie, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Black Sabbath.
• The group was founded in 1989.
• Its name derives from the names Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, it contains equal proportions of both good and bad. The word "Marilyn" seven letters - in numerology is the number of God and the word "Manson" - six. This number is the Devil.
• The first hit in 1985 - cover version of Sweet Dreams Eurythmics.
• Literary influences: "Paradise Lost" John Milton, "Anti-Christian" Friedrich Nietzsche.
• Likes: to collect a variety of medical fetish, cartoons, Scooby Doo, brown stockings, dolls, lunch boxes, the philosophy of Nietzsche.
• Dislikes: human stupidity and blindness of people who smoke cigarettes.

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