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Gods of Metal Symphony - Therion

April 22 2006

Therion Group was founded in 1988 in Stockholm, singer and guitarist Christopher Johnson. The next 7 years the team played death metal. Chris started to learn the bass at age 15, but later switched to a normal guitar. Title Therion did not appear at once - the first versions were Blitzkrieg and Megatherion (later to be named as one of the hits).

Chris is always very interested in the Thrash-metal, and later came from that direction Death-metal. In the late 80's Thrash popularity waned, and for the new group has been chosen "death metal" sound. So, it seemed, could move forward.

In 1989 they recorded their first mini-plate «Time Shall Tell». And after 2 years of full-length «Of Darkness». The plates have been well received by fans and the band gained some fame and popularity among desterov. Today, these albums, many refer to the standard death-metal, but in those days they carried a newness and freshness. In a couple of things attended a small party keyboards. Since beginning to emerge direction Sympho-metal.

«Beyond Sanctorum», Chris continued to flirt with symphonic elements. The album appeared on the shelves in the spring of 1992. In early March, the musicians take part in the Polish festival Metalmania. Later in this largest festival in Eastern Europe they will play several more times. With this album, keyboards occupy an important place in the music group, in addition, the band used as a clean male vocals and female. Were used as the first Persian motifs. In the compositions «Symphony Of The Dead», «Paths» and «The Way», already noticeable is the direction in which the group will be the fathers of the genre.

After a partial line-up changes in late 1992 they released «Symphony Masses: N / O N / O Drakon Megas». The album represented a new direction of metal, an unusual symbiosis between the hard rock of the eighties, death metal, Industriel, classical music and thought. With this album, fans of the group noticeably increased. Next, place the first round of Therion in Germany together with Samael, Grave, and Massacra.

In 1994 Therion carried away with the direction of doom-death. In those years the Gothic-Doom-Death categorically ruled the world. Groups like Katatonia, Crematory, Paradise Lost and Amorphis did not get out of the tours.

First, the band recorded EP «The Beauty In Black» consisting of four tracks of the divine - the energetic, full of charming melodies and at the same time, heavy and dark. To record the soprano singing was invited Claudia Maria wet, known for his work with Celtic Frost. Immediately after the release of EP was followed by the tour Annihilator. So ended the year 1994.

The next album, and again in the new style - «Lepaca Kliffoth» was recorded at a studio in Berlin under the supervision of the Nuclear Blast. Producer was the famous master of Harris Johns (Sodom and worked with Kreator). Released an album confounded all the skeptics. Excellent connection to death metal and opera with a unique polyphonic on gravity, explosive sound, and beautiful, atmospheric melodies. As a bass-baritone Hans was invited Groening. The song «The Beauty In Black» was made by a wonderful video. He was shot in a medieval castle, and there we are talking about the aristocracy 16 th century. Clip and is now played on MTV and VIVA TV - certainly not in Russia.

It took a long 2 years, and an album «Theli». The main composition of the album can be called "The Mega Therion», even though it was written back in 1993. Almost all of the material composed by himself, Christopher.Mystical concept of personal vision and imagination of the world based on the passion of Chris otherworldly and mysterious. For several years he was in the bed of the Red Dragon (the brothers believe in the hereafter). It takes its origin and name of the album «Theli» in Hebrew means "dragon".

On «Theli» You can hear two choirs. One - it's "Chorus of the North German Radio, the second is called« The Siren ». A little later, in September 1996 held a memorable tour of all the Therion and Amorphis. Sam Clifford briefly, but capacious speaks of his best work: "With this album I realized something I dreamed since time immemorial," "On this album I was able for the first time to really manifest itself in all its fullness, to realize all that is wanted. .. ".

To record a new album in the group was taken vocalist Martin Hornbaher (ex-Dreams Of Sanity). «Vovin» was released at the end of April, 1998. Funny, but Vovin as Theli means "dragon". The album is an evolution of the previous album - more symphonic, with lots of opera singing. Second visit to the festival Metalmania, but this time as headliners of the evening. By 1998, a group from the old structure was only Christopher. Lars Rosenberg abused with alcohol, and eventually went to South America.

In the autumn of 1999, Christopher wrote a new album «Deggial» - was released in early February 2000. The music became more diverse, slightly better than steel orchestral arrangements. In March 2000, is «Therion Tour» - Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland.

Glory of the group has reached Russia - Thousands of fans waited for the group's arrival in our country. With the release in 2004, two albums, «Lemuria» and «Sirius B» the group reached before us. Overcrowded DK Gorbunova, and could not accommodate everyone. For this reason, only a year later, in November 2005 we again were able to observe the gods Sympho-metal.

From the latest news group: Of course, we should note another visit to the Polish Metalmania in early March. The fact that the closing remarks at 1:30 AM, Christopher announced two sad event for us. Group ceases to perform songs from the album until 1998, and Christopher himself puts off his vocal duties.

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