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Athletes drink, drugs, rowdy and raped. And all this - with obvious pleasure

April 22 2005

A hundred times is not right who says that life is easy and complete athlete pure pleasure - travel, popular, fabulous fees. No, all is not so. In the quest for victories and the glory of athletes, whether it be football players, hockey players, athletes and skiers who train day and night, plowing at the limit of strength. So, as most of us never dreamed of.

Professional sports in general is harmful to health and draws people from all strands. It often happens: prostrate body of athletes can not stand and begins to demand feeding - alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs. Some elementary nerves can not stand, they are broken, and there really is no time for jokes - it often comes to fighting and stabbing. Judge for yourself, because the day goes by that news agencies are not trumpeted on the world that one champion someone to beat, others were on drugs, the third being treated for alcoholism.

The examples are not far to seek. Famous heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson has repeatedly demonstrated the effects of the world of heavy physical exertion and missed punches to the head. On it, to put it mildly, complicated character speaks eloquently of the fact that he shook his sentence for rape. True, the adherents of Mike's claim that he is not guilty and a victim of the bases of the ladies who wanted to earn money and popularity in the scandal.

However, and prison is not corrected Tyson. Already on the exit, he drove his powerful fists photographers, broke their cameras and fought with the elderly, who inadvertently found themselves on the path of his car. During a press conference before his fight with Lennox Lewis, he started a brawl in which a man was bitten in the opponent's leg. And yet not forgotten the case when the right time to fight Mike bit off half his ear in pobivshego Evander Holyfield.

Of course, all this would be funny, if it were not so sad. Unfortunately, scandals and escapades while Tyson knocked out of the total number of superizvestnosti by Mike himself, but something special in the world of sports are not.

Take, for example, popular now an English football club Chelsea. Roman Abramovich's team are still shaken by the scandal with the Romanian striker Adrian Mutu, caught on drugs. Until about the weakness of football nobody knew everything for him and for Chelsea evolved normally. Mutu played, scored goals. But as soon as the doping test revealed the secret of the Romanians, and about addiction to cocaine Adrian learned the whole world, bosses Chelsea instantly got rid of the amateur "popudrit nose."

Incidentally, this is not the first occasion when a player Chelsea got on cocaine. Two years ago, the goalkeeper of the club and national team of Australia Mark Bosnitch was banned for nine months and also put out of Chelsea's passion for all to the same cocaine. True, if Mutu fully admitted his guilt and repented, then Bosnitch not what was not admitted. However, the goalkeeper did not help - a "Chelsea" was not returned and the suspension is not reduced.

But Bosnitch, and Mutu is still far from the most famous football genius and a drug addict Diego Maradona. Addiction to cocaine and marijuana during performances for Italy's Napoli, Maradona still can not get rid of bad habits. Several times he found himself on the verge of death, the doctors pulled him out of the coma, treated sent to Cuba, but the passion to drugs was stronger.

However, cocaine and marijuana use nehoroshey popular not only among the players.Once burnt on coke archer Aussie Jackson Freer, who was eventually expelled from the Olympic team.

An even greater evil - vodka and whiskey. They do not seem as bad as drugs, but get rid of the addiction to this drink is much more complicated, and they are destroying the human mind quickly and terribly.

At the time of alcoholism treated by such great players like George Best, Gerd Muller, Paul Gascoigne, Tony Adams. A great lover of wave considered hockey NHL stars Martin Lapointe and one of the best players of the world in recent years, Theo Fleury, nicknamed "Mighty Mouse". Not just once or twice last grandiose drinking on the eve of crucial matches. It is true that every time Theo deeply regretted his actions. "I was taken out of the tavern about nine bouncers - said once after a violent spree Fleury. - I realize I made a mistake and is ready to suffer any punishment for it. "

Alcohol brought to the prison four times Olympic champion in ski jumping - the great Finn Matti Nyukanena. To bottle the famous jumper hooked back when the current athlete. It came to that Nyukanen out on a trampoline, being a little tipsy. "It was hell, - said in a rare moment of enlightenment jumper. - I even wanted to commit suicide to end their suffering. But then realized that I want to live! I looked around and saw how far he fell. And because of this gap was only two choices - either destroy themselves or start a fight. Know what to blame himself. Nobody poured alcohol in me by force. "

Love to drink yet ended for Nyukanena sad. Recently, a drunk, he attacked with a knife on his neighbor, wounding him, and received two and a half years in prison.

Many athletes, not wrestlers and boxers like to fight. Famous Moroccan athlete, world champion Hicham El Gerrudzh somehow arranged disassembly with reporters that ended sadly for the last - broken cameras and bruises. A recent case occurred in the wild in Australia during an official dinner in honor of the Australian Olympic team. Grebchiha Catriona Oliver slapped his colleague on the Olympic crew of Sally Robbins. Thus Oliver to get even with Sally because she, exhausted, stopped rowing in the Olympic finals. As a result, Australian withdrew from the number of applicants and awards the Olympic gold medal in this kind of program has got to athletes of Romania.

However, the antics of Australian grebchihi - nothing compared with what they are doing sometimes wild players. Last year, seven players to English club Leeds rattled under arrest on charges of gang rape. At football and sexual maniac snitched injured twenty-year-girl who allegedly agreed to give only one of them, and the rest six unashamedly took advantage of the situation and abused her. As a result, half of the team "Leeds" was behind bars, but then it softened and hushed up. Apparently, lewd players to buy off the victim a substantial sum.

Under fear of being put behind bars began this season overseas NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant. Last year, an exemplary family man who went to black giant to hit the police on charges of raping a young person. From stay behind bars Kobe bought off a pledge of 25 000 dollars, but the investigation of the case is still ongoing.

Recently, the scandal has shaken Sweden. Three players team of the country, the world famous Christian Huselius, Andreas Lilja and Henrik Tallinn were charged 21-year resident of this country in the gang rape. They were detained in a hotel right in the heart of Stockholm, in front of teammates.True, the scandal somehow managed to hush up the case and the trial is not reached, but the response was tremendous.

A young and gullible girls from all these stories can be concluded that with the athletes, let the strong and beautiful, it's better not to get involved. In the best case, the face, pardon the expression, nabyut.

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