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'The Godfather' returns

March 22 2006

In terms of one of the most respected mafia clan - and most beloved American family - the Corleone you do not just wasted. Must prove its case unprincipled, burning desire and commitment to the well-known "values." Once that happens, you immediately instruct the responsible task. Need to gain respect and credibility to turn out, climb the "ladder" and conquer the New York City. If you play "on the concepts, you will have the chance to become a great man - the next Don ...

Electronic Arts (EA) - one of the largest producers of video games - has kept its word. As promised, as soon as possible on the shelves will be a long-awaited game "The Godfather".

On the work of its creation was announced two years ago, followed by a long lull. In February last year there were reports that the project involves the actors, "lighted" in the film version of the acclaimed gangster saga of Mario Puzo - James Caan (Sony Corleone) and Robert Duvall (Tom Hagen). In the film, Francis Ford Kappoly, after all, was submitted to one of the best cast of the time. They say the game will be played the voice of Marlon Brando . Before his death, he endorsed the game and even wrote a few words for her.

The game has unlimited freedom reigns, in the tradition of Mafia or GTA. Hijacking cars, shooting enemies, stealing - plain horny gangster life. Developers, however, argue that the game has a smart moment-to resolve the conflicts are not always able to brute force. This means that in exceptional cases may have to work your brain. Problems in the family, as we know, there were many, and the decisions that will take hero of the game depends on how soon he would be killed.

Kapolla doubted for a time until the game was in development, had it cut up and create a lot of rumors about its insolvency. Star Al Pacino, in turn, did not deign a video game to their attention. However, patience has been rewarded gamers - the game is ready, and, in spite of everything, it is expected that it would be a great success.

The game will appear in a variety of formats - for both gaming consoles: PlayStation, Xbox, and for ordinary PCs.

It is worth noting that the rapid development of the various consoles and portable game consoles, as well as the boom of new formats substituted jeopardy video game industry, the bulk of their imprisoned under a normal PC or, at worst, a PlayStation . Just remember that last year, Microsoft introduced the Magic-Box Xbox 360 and Sony and Nintendo, in turn, is preparing to release the updated console. As a result, manufacturers of video games are not keeping pace with the manufacturers' hardware. This is, in particular, argue in EA, controlling a quarter of the market of gaming software. "

At the same time, there were other, equally serious trend. The company is clearly trying to move away from the hackneyed cliches and to submit your original game content. In particular, due to closer cooperation with film companies possessing valuable material and processing blockbusters.

As for "The Godfather", the game in the style of "kill everyone and get a bonus of predicting a good future. Analysts predict that sales may be from 2.5 to 4 million copies.Compared with the cult game "Unprecedented avtougon" (Grand Theft Auto) - incidentally, not less brutal that the name implies - is utter nonsense. Sales volumes of the game have exceeded 9 million copies since October 2004. This, of course, is a licensed product ...

Returning to EA, we note that the approach is another game, no less unique than "The Godfather". Game called "Spore" (Spore), you may receive later this year. At this time, gamers will have an opportunity to control the evolutionary processes of living organisms, tracking their way from obscure zhizhitsy to space flight.

The Japanese have learned from the joystick to control a man


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