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"The Libertine," Johnny Depp - the genius, playboy, a rebel

January 21 2006

The most rampant, and a strange man alive today.
John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, currently

In each generation is born people are so outrageous and rebellious, ready to break the existing prohibitions, he overthrew the representation of society that is the true freedom of spirit. In the 17 th century, such a man, no doubt, was John Wilmot, known as the second Earl of Rochester - a talented Lothario, who has lived a stormy life was short (like a rock star of the Restoration) and pass for troublemaker, a genius and one of the runaway champions of freedom in history of mankind.

"The Libertine" - feature film debut in the acclaimed British director of commercials and music videos Laurence Dunmore. Stephen Jeffreys wrote the script based on his successful theatrical play with the same title. In the film, starring Johnny Depp, Rosamund Pike, Kelly Reilly, Tom Hollander, Johnny Vegas, Jack Davenport and Francesca Ennis. Executive Producers: Chase Bailey, Steve Christian, Mark Semuelson, Peter Semuelson, Ralph Camp, Louise Gudsill. Production company, "Mr. Mudd" in the face of John Malkovich, Layenn Helfon and Russell Smith.

On the role of a rebel of the Restoration, which can not fail to please the audience in spite of its grim nature, the film makers had only one candidate - Johnny Depp. The charismatic actor, embodied a variety of roles - from the instigator of Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean "to love in childhood creator of Peter Pan in" Finding Neverland "and the cult Willy Wonka in" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "- immediately interest given the opportunity.

He explains: "From an acting point of view, you read the very first monologue - and away we go. When you read this excellent initial monologue and reaching behind him, one after another amazing scene, you know that will never come across anything like this. "

Once Depp got the role of Rochester, John Malkovich, decided to play King Charles II, cheerful governor, welcomed the progress and also became a popular figure of his era. These two people communicate complex relationships. Father of Rochester (which is also named John Wilmot) received the title of Count of Rochester in 1652 for military service to King Charles II. Attributed to him the following story: that he had helped the king hide in a tree, when the order to kill. He died abroad for two years before the restoration of the monarchy in England.

Malkovich muses: "I think Karl had to Rochester paternal feelings, and their fathers (or father-figure) tend to indulge their children, when they should not. If a person is unusually gifted, to him, if he so wishes, can get away with murder. " Still, he suspects that the difficulty in their relationship occurred due to a general predilection for women and alcohol: "... that something like this:" I also drink a lot and have sex, but at 8:30 I'm at work. "

"There is a time of fun, but it is necessary and work. Rochester on it was not capable, but Karl worked. I think that this was a source of complaints not only from the Charles towards Rochester, but also from Rochester to Carl. "

Directed by Laurence Dunmore in "The Libertine" wanted to capture the variability of moods during the Rochester and show her true colors, shockingly realistic. Previously to this period as unsuitable. He managed to do it, paying attention not only to wealth and luxury of the court, but also rude, cynical dynamism of city streets.

"I wanted to create a film that you can almost smell the era - he said.- I wanted to recreate this 17 th century, which would not have looked as if made in the 21 st century. I wanted to use as much natural light and fill the screen with mud, fog, rain and soot. I wanted to create a striking contrast between the measured life of Rochester in the estate and slashing energy, excitement and rhythm of his life in London. "

According to latest information, the American Film Academy included the film "The Libertine" in the number of applicants for an Oscar.

Russian viewers can watch the movie "The Libertine" with effect from 26 January.

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