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"Best Newcomer" MTV Masskva trying to work out of advances paid

November 20 2005

November 17 Club PodMosskove was presented the first album the 17-year performer Lera Masskva. Her hits «SMS-Naya Love" and "7 floor" has already managed to register in various radio and television ethers. In addition, this girl had been issued generous advances for the past ceremony RMA, where she won the "Best Debut". At the start the album Masskva included 12 tracks, including business cards, and two singers.

Album Masskva diverse: it included as a measure of pop songs, and quite progressive - presenter said the ceremony, known for "shark pen" Capitolina Business. - This singer, who would have been interesting to the audience at the same time and thoughtful complex material, and easy to hit, our country was not yet ".

However, it became known that the campaign "Megaliner" Masskva posted for the release of their debut CD of $ 350,000, and signed a contract for a further five albums for $ 700,000. What is another affirmation of faith in "young talent".

I note that producer Masskva Igor Markov, carefully concealed the amount spent on "promotion" of the Siberian nugget, evasive answers to direct questions, that "this order of magnitude smaller than was once embedded in Alsou.

If we judge the popularity of the Executive by the number of press in attendance at the presentation, we can say that Leroy Masskva - superstar. In the hall where the press conference, there was no free space - many even stood on stenochkam, in the aisles. Well, judging by the interest in creativity - that this tragedy. The head of the agency known Alexander Kushnir, grafted "toaster" at an event for a long time urged to ask their questions, and, finally, despairing of "throwing" microphone "to whom God will send" ... creativity of the singer, in general, not very interested.

Audience few raskachegarilas after viewing of displayed Masskva clip for the song "Well, at last," which lifted the former manager of "Tattoo" Elena Kiper. Here hang of tricky questions on "why you made the 17-year-old clone Pugacheva" was not.

The clip actually made a few strange impression - a young girl appeared in the image of the ladies on her head stylists have built incredible design of curls, which is somewhat reminiscent of Renaissance lace.

The plot of the clip also impresses with its informative and informative - a sort of overdressed lady spend days wandering the streets of Moscow and bridges, riding the subway. Staff of this very type of transport was so much that particular inquisitive journalists got the idea that the Leray and her producer Moscow Metro has given money "for incidental expenses."

I note that once were present at the press conference a few more active, "the new ultra-bright" star immediately turned pale - it became apparent that it is not particularly strong in the conversation. For it had to respond to more sophisticated producer, also came to the rescue and the musicians who participated in the creation of the album - a former member of the "Tonight" Oleg Baranov, Oleg Chubykin.
Upon completion of the shooting "a question and answer producer Masskva Igor Markov, asked the press to an objective assessment of the new album.

"We will not be anyone powdered brains and engage in cheap PR, - says producer Masskva Igor Markov. - We intend to move forward and not sit your ass in the rank of "opening year" according to MTV ».

As requested by the distinguished man, the new album Masskva listened to the whole editorial board

ndrey (editor):
"There is nothing outstanding in this record no. There are no bright hits that I'd been able to "hook". No particular outstanding voice capabilities Masskva I did not hear. Simple monotonous music, but its main advantage - it is absolutely not annoying, which is very useful when you go to machine. I think that this CD in the car I would listen to a couple of times - no more. "

Julia (reporter):
"With her album remember two songs -" 7 floor "and" The Beast "- the first because become familiar clip on MTV, the second - really heartfelt. The rest, I rewind the player after the first words and chords. Album monotonous, and it's very tiring. But Masskva only 17, and if after a year in her new album will be half of such songs as "The Beast", then it will be one of the best on our pop scene. Still, her style, I define as pop. Rock here does not smell ".

As for me, it seemed strange to constant comparison with Masskva Zemfira. In contrast to the young star, Ms. Ramazanova took not only the power to vote, but the meaningfulness of the performance of their creations. Her albums were vivid and memorable, as is the case with Masskva do not. If not daily, even hourly sound of two songs on the radio, I think few people would know it, few people would have it "hooked". Yes, on this album are fairly interesting music solution, but no more. Yes, Lera voice is different from many, but it would not prevent a professional "setting tool". However, Igor Markov, mention of the fact that the girl has had her moments, she applied to code the vocal coach, but I guess those episodes were not enough ....

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Photo from official site Masskva.

Maria Pavlikova

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