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Jokes ... (June 20, 2009 Issue 2)

June 20 2009

If you found a spot on its output a suit, do not despair and
do not rush to the dry cleaners. Take a glass, pour into it 80 grams of alcohol
add a little lemon juice and two drops of ammonia. Then all
Mix and drink in one gulp. After 10-15 minutes, this spot clean
disappear from the circle of your problems.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- So, my friends! In Europe, rampant foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease.
We are, thank God, is not threatened. Still, we'd better deal
with vegetarians.
- Why?
- Environmentally friendly products!
At that meeting ended with the man-eaters.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- How does a prostitute from a therapist?
- Her services are becoming cheaper with time, and it - Expensive.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Come on, make love!
- Oh, it hurts not!
- It is painful, but necessary!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
At the end of 1000 and 1 night of the shah dare and took Scheherazade's wife.
A day later, absolutely no returns to her father with a crazy surcharge.
Papa Vizier in a deep trance - so much time, all type-top, but here
such a bummer. On a dumb question so shamefully Shah replied: "You know, 1001
night tales - this is cool, but in 1001 pose for the night - a complete mess. "
-------------------------------------------------- ----
In the maternity ward turmoil. The woman gave birth to a plastic PUPS. Dr.
Carefully she asks:
- Who is your husband?
- What the fuck man! Second year with a dildo live!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
There are two friends who have not seen for decades.
The first asks:
- How are you?
- Well, there is problem, and the car and the apartment is, in short, everything you need.
- And how did you get all this done?
- Yes here, holding a three-story brothel: the ground floor of a prostitute
18 to 25 years, the second - from 25 to 45 years, and the third - blue.
- Lucky you!
- Do not tell me. If you only knew how hard I got it all, because in
the first time I had a very large Get the money, so I
had to send his daughter to the first floor, my wife - for a second and very
run for a third ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
My wife was born under the sign of the earth. I was born under the sign of water.
Together we create mud.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Doorbell. Vovochka opens the door - there is a young guy
with a bouquet of flowers. Vovochka looking for some time on it thoughtfully,
and then says:
- Something you often to my sister ... What, you do not own? "

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