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Jokes ... (May 20, 2009 Issue 1)

May 20 2009

If the domestic car ceased to drip oil,
then it ended!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
What makes an athlete from a businessman?
Athlete tears his ass, and a foreign businessman.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Listen to the rules for using the Moscow Metro:
Forbidden to run the escalators, to overtake the front running passengers
trip up fleeing, much less catch-up passengers
avoid falling into the mechanisms of the escalator, which can lead
clog and damage the escalator ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
"Flying a canard ..." - Fight in hospital
-------------------------------------------------- ----
According to poll the residents of Chukotka had been received
the following results:

1. I support the president - 5%
2. Do not support the president - 10%
3. Who was president? - 85%.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
In sale New Borodino "bread. In addition to good taste
qualities, you will enjoy souvenirs inside each bun: malyava from a lawyer
and a small file. Wholesalers supply certificates
the quality of the FBI and prosecutors in Switzerland.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
A man returns a home drunk again. The wife brings him to the window,
from which it can be seen distillery.
- You see what he big? You can not compete with them. They always
prizvodit will drink faster than you drink!
- Maybe, but I'll make them work hard day and night!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Darling, tonight we were invited to the ball nudist!
- Wonderful! So, what should I go?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Wife sent her husband to the store for eggs. Husband comes into the store,
eggs of different species and the price varies accordingly. Husband thinks that if
buy the most expensive, the money for a bottle of beer is not enough. If you buy
cheap, marketable they are not very good - dirty in the feathers
but you can still buy a bottle of beer. Thought her husband, did so.
Comes home and shows his wife what he had bought the eggs, she saw
eggs and let him curse - why he bought the dirty eggs. The husband started
excuses and says: okay, that they are dirty, wash now.
Went to the bathroom to wash eggs. At this time the phone rings, the phone takes off
daughter. Grandma calls and asks:
- Dad at home?
Granddaughter says:
- Houses.
- What is he doing?
- In the bathroom, washes the eggs.
- A mom at home?
- Houses.
- And she does what?
- Chews him for these eggs.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
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