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Bruce Willis on the strip pripyatstvy length in "16 Blocks"

April 20 2006

Attention all lovers of brave American boys and Bruce Willis in particular! On Russian screens out the new thriller "16 Blocks" with "Die Hard". This time Willis turned into an old, weary cop while away at work the last pre-retirement days are and who lives in only one goal - to reach the coveted bottle. And, behold, this debauchee Jack Mosley gets ridiculous task - to deliver a petty thief to court to testify. We need to overcome a total of 16 quarters, but on the way stand selling "werewolves in epaulettes, with whom he had once been connected. Jack decides what else to complete the task - in spite circumstances and treacherous colleagues.

Director: Richard Donner
Starring: Bruce Willis, Mos Def and David Morse
Screenwriter: Richard Wenk
Producers: EVI Lerner, Randall Emmett, John Thompson, Arnold Rifkin and Jim Van Wyck
Operator: Glen MacPherson, ASC
Production Designer: ART GREYVAL
Costume Designer: VIKI GRAEF
Composer: Klaus Badelt

To create believable characters and true life story, screenwriter Richard Wenk days and nights spent in police custody in New York.

"In our conversations with detectives constantly emerging theme of a certain limit, the traits that have each of them, and they never cross. Nobody can say where it is, but when you come to it, you can not go any further. And you can break. " Directed by Donner adds: "So in the life of any one of us - if you stepped over themselves, to change yourself, your life changes radically.

Detective Jack Mosley stepped over that line 6 years ago when I worked in tandem with Frank Nugent and a group of police officers, who believed that the end justifies the means. And if in achieving this noble goal has sometimes overstep the law - it does not matter, as long as the offender was captured. But, stepping over that line, Jack broke down - both literally and figuratively. Since then, he no longer walks, and hobbling through life on his injured foot, rapidly sinking, and as a person and as a professional. First-respected and highly valued officer, now drowns his pain in alcohol and performs most fire-sale work, waiting for her only one thing - when it's a break, so you can kiss the bottle again. "

"In the beginning of the film, Jack - a real wreck, not a man" - says producer Jim Van Wyck. "We can assume that Jack spat on his life, unable to cope with the guilt that sits in it now for 6 years and devours the inside of his self-confidence, dignity and honor."

"Jack is hiding from himself" - Bruce Willis says. "He was a good cop, who managed to cope with not one bad guy. But now he's always trying to get rid of this feeling that the itching in his head and recalls: "Once you have done wrong."

"To make the film came to my liking, he should talk about the inner world of man, but that story was on a beautiful visual cinematic language", - says Willis. "I've always been a fan of Richard Donner and wanted to work with him. Especially on such a great script, some written by Richard Wenk. It is impossible to say for sure who is good and who bad, because it shows the perspective of each. All the lines flow into one another. This, coupled with the fact that events unfold in real time, gives the viewer a sense of complicity in what's happening. In my opinion, it's great invented. "

p align = "justify"> The role of the criminal Eddie starred the famous actor and rapper Mos Def, known for his roles in such films as "Monster's Ball," "The Italian Job" and other "Mos - a terrific actor," - said of him, the film's director Richard Donner. "If you read his poems - he is a poet, prophet and philosopher. His words are a lot of genuine pain and at the same time they have and that naivete, which unites him with his character of Eddie. He made his character a surprisingly big, bright and original. "

Maria Pavlikova

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