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"Corner Grandfather Durova" said the 72-th anniversary of his "mistress"

April 19 2006

Flowers, children's smiles, and colorful performances of clowns, gifts, poetry, music - in such an atmosphere on April 13 Theater Area grandfather Durova "said the 72-th birthday of its artistic director, the renowned trainer Natalia Durova.

Natalya Yu Durova - People's Artist of USSR and Russia, State Prize Laureate, writer, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, International Academy of Spiritual Unity of the peoples of the world.

Natalya Yu was born in a circus family, during the tours. It was a real circus kid. Already in the four years of little Natasha was hard to keep track of - her parents were then in the legs, before the great apes, which did not do her no harm, then in a cage with a polar bear (a ferocious bear does not exist). Her grandfather, Vladimir L. Durov, founded a school of silent taming, which was the successor of Natalia. It featured a full courage, skill and know how to find a common language with all the animals. Even in adulthood, when Natasha was a famous actress, she performed in the area for prisoners. The guards warned the actress that the prison live evil dogs, even those who feed them, do not dare to approach them, but simply throwing food over the fence. Durova without a shadow of fear came over to the dogs, and commanded, "Sit!" - Dogs boarded, "Down" - the dog lay down. It was then, as they say, all mouth and porazevali.

During World War II, quite a girl, Natalia Durova and his father served in the frontline teams to fighters in moments of calm, went to concerts in hospitals. Her work during the war was not marked nor orders, no medals. But as the most precious gift to reward it keeps Georgy Zhukov - Guards badge, which is a famous military leader gave her at the front.

Today Natalia Durova is known worldwide not only as a trainer, but also as a talented children's writer, interesting esseistka. She has published more than thirty books of short stories, articles and reviews.

Natalya Yu Durova - an excellent organizer. She knows how to assemble the troupe, it correctly "set up" to artists not "sour", is constantly in creative research, creating new facilities. She is a very kind person. Animals which, because of certain circumstances no longer work here do not send "the sausage", that is to be slaughtered. These animals continue to live in the theater, they are well fed, have a decent health care. Even the most modest marmot dies a natural death.

Durova theater - it's not just the troupe of actors and presentation with the animals. "Corner" - a huge nursery for a variety of animals. In total, the theater has more than 300 animals. There are rats, mice, badgers, raccoons, cats, dogs, foxes, wolves, bears, ravens, hippopotamus, three elephants, camels, horses, ponies, guinea fowl, mink, rabbits and hares.

"Corner Grandfather Durova" - Hook, that is, public cultural institution, is located on public financing. This saves the theater and its inhabitants from many ills. No one can say that it would be with a theater and beasts, and if the period of total privatization in the 90 years he went to somebody else's private property. Fortunately, all attempts to seize the theater have been unsuccessful.

Artist-trainers in the theater a little bit. Manifested itself as Natalia, "Our team is small, but the roads". Every trainer has a few animals, which are trained, and several rooms. Good trainers have two or three rooms on the scene and five to ten animals at the rehearsal.More information about the actors said Sergey Ponomarev: "We did not take many people, and the number of rooms. Of course, someone comes, someone goes out. For example, today a young girl Anya Burlakova shows the number of ponies. It is not yet honored actress, but she still ahead. But Yury Biryukov, who worked with the behemoth Fly - Honored Artist of Russia. Artists Simon and Helen Strelnikova work very well with the tigers, they also honored artists.

Following the presentation the audience asked herself the birthday. With the words "I love you, kids!" - She invited the boys and girls on stage. The children were not with empty hands - someone brought a gift of the famous trainer his drawings, crafts, someone gave flowers. Climbed onto the stage and military friends Durova, who have been with her for a fire road at the time.

"You can not make it possible to kill someone. One must always strive to give only the good, without asking anything in return. Our take less to help us in this, and they, like anyone else, need our help and our love "- this instruction has completed Natalia Durova this wonderful holiday.


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