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The film "exorcism of Emily Rose" is terrible its realism

November 18 2005

November 17, in rolling out a picture directed by Scott Derrickson "exorcism of Emily Rose» (The Exorcism of Emily Rose), based on real events. Film premiere at the Venice festival, where, as we know, horror show is not accepted. The film made a strong impression on the jury which determined the genre of painting as "a paranoid thriller." A classic example of such a movie could become a film by Roman Polanski, Rosemary's Baby.

Mystical thriller "Emily Rose" does not give the audience a minute to relax, the movie is terrible its realism. In the history of student Emily Rose is very easy to believe. A film about exorcism into a court hearing a priest who was accused in death of girl, trying to help her exorcism sessions.

Such directorial approach allows to tell the story without haste, in detail, with real evidence and admissions of witnesses. Movie scares his documentary. Emily Rose, went to college and moved away from their small town. Pretty soon it happen to a mystical incident, after which the girl was not subject herself. She always imagined demonic entity, even during the day in the classroom in college. She was examined by doctors who diagnosed her illness defined as psychosis, epilepsy, and burdened by taking prescribed drugs, from which the patient is getting worse day by day. The priest was trying to save the girl, because in contrast to the doctors knew that the girl moved in demons. At one of these sessions, which took place on the night of Halloween (the priest chose this time not by accident) revealed that Emily's "sit" six strong demons. At one of the sessions of exorcism girl dies, the public blames the holy father that he brought her to death, forbidding use drugs.

The image-obsessed actress Emily can play a very persuasive. Her character screams an unearthly voice, her face distorted grimaces of pain and anger, she whispered incantations in the ancient languages, beating on the walls, eating cockroaches, scratch the wall nails.

However, the storyline is more connected not with Emily, a priest with a lawyer. A successful woman is claiming publicly that she was convinced - atheist, during the legal investigation of unexplained encounters and begins to doubt his faith. Her nightmares, mysterious voices and sounds filled her room at exactly 3 o'clock (in the devil's hour, when dark forces are extremely active).

The film is a touching scene - Emily talks with the Virgin Mary, who tells her that his example suffering girl shows people their faith in God that her suffering just needed and can save many. And then in a frank letter to the priest, the girl asked: "I showed the people of their sufferings, that the devil exists. Why they do not believe in God? "

And the moral here is, in my opinion, lies in the words of the priest: "Faith and doubt must coexist together as faith alone, not tested in doubt, may be dangerous."

The history of the dead from exhaustion and injuries, and the girls found guilty priest is dramatic in itself. Before the director got a difficult task, how to tell the story of an unhappy girl, whose tomb has not yet grass porasti not sunk to yet another horror story? Derrickson did.

there Exorcism of Emily Rose / The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Director: Scott Derrickson.
Starring: Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson, Campbell Scott, Jennifer Carpenter.
Length: 119 min.

The film is based on real events: a prototype of the heroine was Anneliese Michel, who fell ill in 1968 and died in 1976, her death has been accused a priest of the local church. The case occurred in Germany, where the generated mass hysteria. Many have recognized Michelle saint. And to this day to her grave the pilgrims come, bring white flowers.

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