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Jokes ... (Sept. 18, 2009 Issue 1)

September 18 2009

Zhvanetsky ask:
- Michal Mihalich, after the story of the hijacking of your Mercedes you do not have the desire to leave their country of this abnormal?
- On what?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The FBI has celebrated Valentine's Day. Broke ten plush
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Jew, arrives from New York to Tel Aviv with two huge suitcases and clear customs. The customs officer asked the contents of suitcases. Jew opened the first suitcase - it's full of notes for $ 1. The customs officer asked:
- How do you explain how you have so much money and all for $ 1?
- For several years I have traveled the entire United States far and wide. There I often went into a public toilet, came to any American who is standing in front of a urinal, and said to him:
"Donate a dollar in aid to Israel, and then I'll cut your balls."
The customs officer did not believe this, laughing heartily, he asked:
- What do you have in the second suitcase?
- Do you realize, not everyone saw me seriously ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
There are two Jews, who have not seen each other.
- Hi Abram, how long I have not seen you!
- Hi Moishe, I'm glad to see you again. Come let us enter the bar?
- And who treats?
- Well ... Come this way: out, you see a fountain? Each of us puts his head under water. Who was the first he shall take off his head from the water, he also entertains.
- Come on.
... The next day the newspapers there was a message: "Yesterday in the fountain at
Central Square drowned two Jews. "
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Viagra - 3-minute demo.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Met two bachelorette.
- I was walking last night on a dark street, I suddenly saw in front of the male silhouette!
Well, I run!
- Catch up?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Wife to her husband:
- You are what it's there for an hour gurgles? You have the doctor allowed only one drink per day!
- So I'm a glass! This is for the November 9, 2008!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
If the month had not been so long, our salaries would not seem so small.

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