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Jokes ... (June 17, 2009 Issue 3)

June 17 2009

Is a man in the woods, noticed a thick tree root, tripped and fell.
Picked up his fairy godmother, put on his feet and said:
- A good man, I will fulfill your every desire!
- I want to have my palm of his right arm was 50 cm in diameter!
- Why would you do? - Surprised fairy.
- I am a waiter with a hand I could be the largest trays in the
restaurant and make lots of money!
- Okay! Get a 50-centimeter-hand!
A man returns home. Very soon, he really has a lot of
earn, as no other waiter could not have as many trays
worn once. He has a lot of money. But still no luck!
One day he meets his friend, who immediately asked about his
huge hand. A man told him everything. A friend begged to show
him a place in the forest and the root. A man agreed and took his friend
into the woods. And here comes one in the woods, he stumbles on the root of the tree immediately
Fairy appears.
- I will take one of your desire!
- I want that I had a penis length of 1 meter!
- Why do you have a penis? - Surprised fairy. - With this you're not a member of the
can make any woman happy!
- This is so, but I have a good friend who has his hand right hand
diameter of 50 cm!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Doctor, I suffer from insomnia.
- So, I'll give you a good tool to improve potency.
- It is interesting, and this means I'll sleep better?
- No, but your vigilance will be much nicer!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Look, all people say that you are already sleeping with her fiance.
- People you lash out, you are more of them listen, if they have to someone
will lie - so once the groom!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Honey, I must confess to you that when I deal with you
sex, I think about other women.
- Oh, you bastard! And I, by the way, I always think only of you when
having sex with other men!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
One couple had no children. Which just means they did not try to
which only the doctors did not request - is useless. And somehow they have found in
Internet advertising of a prominent doctor from New York, developed the
a unique method that helps everyone. They collected money and went to
New York for this doctor. Since neither he nor she in English or a tooth
foot, and a doctor other than English, no other language does not know them
had to pantomime. Physician them, "says" show, they say, you
doing it. Those overcome his embarrassment, took up the most. Once they
finished, the doctor took a prescription form, something written on it and gave it to them. Those
returned to their homeland, they go to the nearest drugstore and looking at
prescription, ask the pharmacist:
- Say, you have Tritheotherhole?
- What, sorry?
- It says: "Three-TxE-other-hall."
- Excuse me, I'll take a look ... T-m, I think you misunderstood:
written here: "TRY THE OTHER HOLE".
(Try it in other openings)

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