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"People! Help! We shoot a film about love! "Stories from the making of the film" Peter FM »

April 17 2006

Once upon a time in the city of St. Petersburg two misconceptions of young people - Max and Maria. Masha led their programs on the radio, and Maxim invented the amazing designs of houses, for which he received an invitation to work in Germany. In the same city he lived right person Kostya, who has made a proposal to Masha. And would the young to live happily ever after, but Mary lost her mobile phone, and Maxim found it. And spun ...

Filming of this romantic story lasted for almost two years . The film turned out easy and fun. A lot of funny stories behind the scenes. Here are just some of them.

During filming in director-producer paintings by Oksana Bychkova stole seven phones. And none were returned. Stage losses Masha (actress Catherine Fedulova) phone filmed in St. Petersburg, on the street leading to Stone Island, habitats of local elites. Not only is the only road leading to the island, it was necessary to bar, stop motion, so also the director claimed to draw on the asphalt "zebra."

Piter-FM: he, she and the phone ... (Pictures)

During negotiations with the authorities, it became clear that the shooting likely will not happen. But on the third day the miracle happened: "Zebra" appeared on the pavement itself. Well, to find two policemen, who had agreed "to participate in the filming, it was already a matter of technique.

One of the climactic scenes of the film, when Max drops into the water a precious phone, took off on the Fontanka. It took two whole days, because suddenly there was a heavy hail - weather forecasters about it, as usual, were not warned. Filming had to be postponed. The operator was standing in a boat under the bridge, the camera lens covered the glass and the glass reinforced aquarium, where fish swim. It was assumed that the frame is very beautiful: the phone will fall into the river and swim near the fish.

Maxim (actor Yevgeny Tsyganov) stood on the bridge and was rehearsing a scene of incidence telephone: tried as natural as possible "throw" it into the aquarium. After another attempt he pulled the phone for a thread and start over. This unusual "fishing" aroused considerable interest among passers-by.

Max's apartment were filmed in the studio Petersburg avant-garde artists Glyuklya and herons. According to Igor Kotsareva, art director pattern, the most time-consuming in the construction of the scenery was out immense quantities of personal belongings of artists. Anything else to do it was much easier. For example, models and drawings loaned to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, gave some straight from the show.

Efirku Piter FM »built in the house, which was placed before the revolution brothel. Then moved into the building dormitory Mining Institute.

One of the scenes of the film director decided to withdraw through the thick glass with curved and defects. Oksana saw this in the window of the pavilion in the transition to Petrograd. Telephoned all the glassworks of St. Petersburg and its environs, but this was not found. Then the film director, a specialist with 25 years of experience, found a robe of urban life, changed clothes and went with his colleagues "for cause" - liked to cut glass. Only in the last minute group of courageous abandoned criminal venture - glaziers disappoint. The desired glass remained in its place in the cabinet. As a result, the frame was removed from the truck and was decorated with special effects.

Film crew did not like the end of the day.One night, after the shooting near the Operetta Theater, Evgeny Tsyganov pulled from the trunk of his car ball. Once formed the team, the girls also took active part in it, put the banks instead of the gate, and started football. A passing police prefer not to see this disgrace. Soon after play had been surrounded by a crowd of fans.

Scene in the cafe, where Max sees Hleb and Marina, took off two days. Then a couple of days were broken, and when they returned to finish the work, found that the cafe at the time sold and the new owner knows nothing either about the film, nor on the left in a back room coffee coffer with the equipment, film and other props. Explanation and persuasion take several hours. In the end, the new owner still let a film crew in their possession, and the scene was filmed. Remuneration from the owner refused.

Stone island, the morning of the day off, and the film crew urgently needed extras. But in the morning, Peter is sleeping. Rare passers hastily passed - in St. Petersburg people do not "rush" as in Moscow. And this is the second director Igor Nikolaev has risen across the roadway and shouted into a megaphone: "People! We shoot a film about love! Help us! Stand where you are, please! "When dial a number of" actors ", he allowed them to continue driving. People passed through the frame, each in his morning story ...

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