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Nonrandom Festival: Rock at MSU

December 15 2005

December 9 in Moscow club "Unplugged Cafe" hosted the first rock festival of the Journalism Department of Moscow State University. Organization of the festival the students used the faculty, members of post-punk band "Hostel" and the rock-reggae-folk group "Tangerine."

The festival could take part, only the group in which at least one party is studying at the Faculty and which thus can be quite convincingly beat on the strings. Naturally, each group was required to give the festival organizers demo recording.

Of the seven bands wishing to take part in the concert, was chosen five groups. Besides the already named "Dorm" and "Mandarin" on stage "Unplugged Cafe" rose group "Corduroy games", "Unsudden Shine" and "Ekleiptos".

The festival organizers have tried to get a more heterogeneous group, and that he was quite successful. Delicate acoustic music from "Unsudden shine" was replaced by Brit-rock of "Corduroy games, rock 'n' roll and reggae of" Mandarin "- the dirty, fast and buzzing punk" Dorm ". "Controlling shot" to the public was the final performance of heavy-metal group "Ekleiptos", which translated from Greek means "eclipse" - these guys play their music, perhaps, more professional all the other teams of the festival.

The atmosphere of the festival was like meeting friends or a birthday party to all the familiar person. Greetings and handshakes began long before the entrance to the club. Much of the public appointed a general meeting about 18:30 at the metro station in the heart of the proletarian audience.

Clubhouse, a relatively small and quite cozy, instantly filled with funny people who were looking statements friends and just good friends. By the time it became clear that not all interested enough printed tickets, the hall has no place was the apple fall.

The festival was opened an acoustic duo "Unsudden Shine". Member of the group Anastasia Krasilnikova and Margaret Zhuchenkova his seemingly gentle voice and warm songs just put Hall on the ears, the audience was ecstatic. Seemingly simple music - two guitars and a violin - delighted listeners, someone even brought to tears, really warm-up room before the performance of the next group - "Corduroy game."

"Games" played briefly. Maria Ignatenko one recalled Zemfira, others - "Night Snipers", but liked the fact, and others. Especially admire the fact that this was the first performance of "games", because the group met only about a month ago!

Following up on the scene the guys from the band "Tangerine," which again brought the hall. During his speech, this reggae-dancing team was full of people. To replace the tired dance came more and more new volunteers, and so on until the very last chord.

Once the "Mandarins" played his program, "the master of ceremonies announced the next group -" Hostel. " But as it turned out, at that moment in the hall was not even a single member of this famous group - returning from a rehearsal of the guys got into a huge traffic jam is very far from the club. After some time, these responsible musicians still appeared on the scene.

Coming on the scene, the bass guitarist Dmitry Merkulov first thing hung on a microphone stand a few balloons. Behind him came on stage vocalist Yuri High and then it all blew up balloons. After a while the guys understood what they want, connect the instrument and started playing.Naturally, the punks from the "hostel" do not bother about how to properly set up, and during their presentations, the sound was not very good. Lack of normal sound "Dorm" more than compensated for a mad drive of thirty-minute program consisting entirely of "militants." At one of the songs Vysokova and Merkulov sang backing vocals Sergey divorce. In the short time of his speech Sergey sold so that managed to break his head hole in the ceiling and at the same time to stay alive!

One by one flew song "hostel", and the band gave way to the scene to his friends - a group of "Ekleiptos". By the way, this concert bass players' residences "and" Ekleiptos "even played on one guitar.

"Ekleiptos" turned out to be the most mature group at the festival. Unfortunately, the team tuned for very long, so very talented part of the audience had gone to drink beer in a bar. However, those who were more persistent, received a dose of this heavy metal! In addition to well played songs, "Ekleiptos" remember the skill guitarist Aleksey Kononov and bass player Yegor Kucera. Technique guys was evident even at not very well-built and sound very bad bass combo.

In short, the first festival of the Journalism Department was a success! Was a success so that, going to the musicians, even the most beautiful girl Faculty were asked about the next concert and offered to conduct "Journ Music Fest" each month!
The next festival "Journ Music Fest" will take place in April 2006.

Константин Дятлов

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