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Jokes ... (September 15, 2009 Issue 2)

September 15 2009

Interesting facts: Many women shy yellow plaque on the teeth.
But at the same time quietly walking with bent legs!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Why is converging with the plane, the Pope kisses the ground every time?
Yes, we see immediately that you have never flown airplanes ALITALIA.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
What is the difference between American, chewing gum and a cow
In looking cow is even a glimmer of reason.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Americans think that hunger - is when to eat canned food.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Ivanov in his childhood dream to become a seller. Today, the dream of Professor Ivanov has come true.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The wife asks her husband:
- Expensive, but you can for me to get a star from the sky?
- Certainly, my dear, I can.
- Expensive, but you can die for me?
- Certainly, my dear, I can.
- My dear, you can now wash dishes for me.
- Well, actually I can ... But let's start from the beginning.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Yes, it is not necessary to treat a lady persimmon before blowjob.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Marriage - it's like in a restaurant: when you look at the menu, eyes run and do not know what to choose. Selecting the same something at random and then seeing what is on your plate, you realize that it would be better to choose what
chosen neighbor.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Can you imagine what my bummer! Bought a rubber woman ...
- So it's fine.
- Yes. But yesterday we were told to rubber mother-in-law!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Divorce proceedings. The judge asks his wife, flipping through it:
- Tell me, please, and what the reasons for your divorce?
- Your honor, you know, I really like the song "Hotel California" ...
- You probably did not understand me! I ask about the fundamental reason
your divorce!
- The foundation is the same as everybody: concrete, sand and cement.
- Damn you! Well, what reason?
- Somewhere 5 meters by 6.
- Yes, damn it! Is he beats you regularly?
- Well, sometime twice a week he gets up before me ...
- So, all clear! Last question: why do you need a divorce?
- Yes, I do not ask! This man needs! Says, fool, what happened to me
absolutely impossible to communicate!
End of 2001. Sits the chief designer and developer of the new unified
European currency Solomon Lieberman, lovingly crunched a brand-new banknotes
100 euros, and says:
"And these thick-headed Germans and the French naively believe that our Euro
named in honor of Europe! "

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