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Mike Patton: a mad genius on his way to Moscow

June 15 2005

1993. The scene in the Luzhniki Stadium. Anatoly large - lead singer of "Black Obelisk", climbing to a huge column, gives a solo on his bass. Informal people screaming in anticipation. Krupnov seem too impatient to meet with an uncompromising team, with great fervor warms the audience. We were visited by Faith No More. From this creepy run over the skin.

And here they are on the site. More than an hour of unrestrained drive. Mike Patton like a hungry tiger in the cage jumping around the stage, uttering totally mutually unintelligible sounds of wheezing before the roulades in the spirit of the best representatives of jazz. All laid out.

Frantic drummer Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum keyboardist, guitarist Jim Martin with a constant cigarette in his mouth. And, of course, bassist Billy Gould, who is so liked in Russia that he, after awhile, even drove to our land and took with him a motorcycle "Ural". This he ironically told Alexander F. Sklyar in a remarkable radio program "Learn to swim."

But time goes on. Of FNM were positive memories and records, and even mad Mike Patton never ceases to please their original projects.

It is unlikely that someone decides to argue that the FNM had a strong influence on the rock early 90's, comparable only to the revolution, which at one time made Black Sabbath. It seemed to FNM no musical boundaries, they were not afraid to experiment, and their success largely depended on the creativity of Mike Patton.

In 1989 he joined the FNM, succeeding on her post vocalist Chuck Mosley. Cooperation with the FNM did not stop Mike chopped in his own team Mr. Bungle, which existed from 1985. In fact, it is difficult to say which of the groups Patton broke away more. Let's just say, if the FNM Mike shook his professionalism, the Mr.Bungle, he took courage, and non-format.

It hardly makes sense to remind the history of FNM, it has long been a domain of rock encyclopedias and is available on the web. The group disbanded in 1998, the band dispersed to various projects, leaving fans to six full-fledged, not like one another, albums and singles and live recordings. The year before they played in the Luzhniki Stadium, the second and last concert in the capital. Those who were there - lucky. True, Green Grey as the opening act was absolutely not the topic, although this is my personal opinion.

In 1999, Patton writes c Mr. Bungle interesting album "California". I remember the impression made last song of the album "Goodbye Sober Day" (Goodbye sober day). In fact, Mike has performed ritual songs of the people of Bali (tsjak tsjak, tsjakkatsjakkatsjakka), from which good Balinese usually fall into a trance and natural baldeyut. For security reasons, will not explain the technique of its execution. Personally, I have "California" pushed to apply to ethnic music, which later significantly expanded the musical horizons.

Then Patton dropped out of sight. A couple of years it became clear that he continues to frantic activity, moreover, has got his own label Ipecac and generally ceased to be ashamed of anything, letting go of his rock-grinder draft a pohlesche another.

Among his best known creations Fantomas and Tomahawk - music to which it is impossible to stick a label, or driven into a certain framework.First, a fantastic mix of jazz, thrash metal, disco and noise. Second, to some extent revives the legendary group The Jesus Lizard, thanks to the participation in this project her guitarist Duane Denisona. But this is not a soulless clone - Tomahawk unique creation that has passed through a sieve of talent and one of a kind vocal Patton.

In fact, behind Mike has accumulated baggage of a series of creations. He collaborates with the notorious John Zorn. His vocals can be heard on albums by Sepultura, Kronos Quartet and Bjork ("Medulla").

Among the latest entries - an electronic project Lovage, hip-hop album General Patton & The Executioners and the joint project "Romances" along with a Norwegian expert on the ancient stage Kaada. And this is only a small portion of the serial fan art genius madman can find good music in searching the rubble.

July 11 Fantomas will arrive in Moscow and will give a unique concert at the Green Theatre Park of Culture. Bitter. This should be seen and heard. Without a doubt, will not find it!

Константин Дятлов

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