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Petrozavodsk millers "Myllarit" boil in Moscow Finnish cat

February 15 2006

February 16 in Moscow will be a presentation of the new album Petrozavodsk folk group Myllarit (Miller). Concert on the occasion of the plate, which received sustained in fabulously romantic style of the title "King of the Forest" will be held in one of Moscow night clubs.

Usually, when meeting with indigenous folk music with authentic Scandinavian unprepared listener the impression that its writers were in a sad and deplorable, to say the least. Indeed for this music is not characterized by levity and fun, often occurring in the Ukrainian, Moldovan and Balkan motifs. Even many of the groups playing Nordic folk music in contemporary arrangements remain phlegmatic common-gloomy mood of the sound - enough to recall some of the tracks from the band's albums Hedningarna and Varttina.

But not such Myllarit! If you tune to the fact that from listening to their music, immerse yourself in the philosophical thoughts of eternity, you will inevitably waiting for the culture shock. After the concert Melnikov can hear, for example, a song about how the Finnish village of cooked ... cat. It is clear that no serious attitude on such songs do not remain in sight!

This team was created by professional musicians from Karelia in 1992. Their first stage was the platform one of the streets of Stuttgart, on which they came to earn extra money. The audience enthusiastically took so their performance, the boys immediately decided to create a group.

"Myllarit" easily and naturally captivated the audience as the battered their treatments, Finnish, Ingrian and Slavic folk music and original works of authorship. Team member can be attached to an ancient well motivated modern sounding.

Strictly speaking, Myllarit - this is not folk music in its purest form. Although in their speeches and you can hear the acoustic solo on the Finnish national string instrument with an exotic name jouhikko, most of the songs performed with the assistance of the rhythm section, typical of rock music. It is not surprising that some of the critics described the band's style as folk-punk-rock. An unusual combination of instruments such as bass guitar, accordion, shepherd's pipe, double bass, jouhikko, drums and violin makes sounds interesting for listeners with diverse musical tastes.

Music team is a combination of many styles, so very hard to include "Myllarit" to any particular direction. Someone once joked that the guys sing a merry Troll music, but even this definition does not provide a complete picture of the creative team.

Drayvovy punk-folk is replaced by a lyrical song performed by the violinist, to replace that comes rollicking polyphony. Musicians experimenting in their own fun: bring in folk melody jazz sound, execute Karelian Blues "in no way similar to any archaic blues black nor white blues-rock, nor zaydeko, but rather looks like a rock ballad in the spirit" Dust In The Wind "Cansas, incidentally adorning his amazing violin solo.

Going to their concert, the listener never knows what a surprise Millers prepare to this time: on their statements, they have used and such instruments as the didgeridoo (a long pipe, which was published ominous sounds), saxophone, various flutes, clarinets, and even bagpipes. However, all experiments of sound is always unusually organic.

glushitelny success Melnikov in our country, indeed around the world, not only due to the peculiarities of musical material for which they ventured to take, but also the professionalism of each team member. Myllarit become one of the first folk groups of Karelia, concluded the major record contract with a foreign firm (MIPU MUSIC, Finland). This company has repeatedly invited Melnikov, headlining various festivals and gala concerts. It is worth noting that in Karelia guys have become legislators style world music.

In 2001 Myllarit resulted in delight sophisticated Moscow audiences by appearing in a live transmission of D. Dibrova "Anthropology". 5 years later they re-sing and play their full sparkling fun music program Dibrova, but this time it will be its new transmission - "clearance". As reported on the band's website, performance of Melnikov live channel "Russia" will be held on February 15.

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