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Record? A piece of cake!

June 14 2005

Achievements of humanity, which humanity has no clue

Recognition of the need for every man. And each man is willing to almost anything to woo the girl. Can grow very large apple, swim in the ocean alone or, for example, to learn about fifty languages. But it is boring, banal and long. Snogcshibatelnoe need something, and fast - Main Collection thoroughly studied all records, Guinness book, we have collected the most, shall we say, unusual achievement. And to determine how they help in winning a girls' hearts, provided our commenters.

Olga Whisperwind, lead the program "This morning" on NTV

Michael Grebenshchikov, musician, host of "12 angry viewers" on MTV

Ears: check for sturdiness
November 2, 1997 in Batumi (Georgia) Dmitry Kinkladze raised ears combined weight of 48 kg. In this case, on the left ear hung a 32 kg, and the right - just 16. Kinkladze held this unbearable burden for the ears as much of 10 minutes.

Rustle: I would hardly have attracted a man who tries to get into the record books. Of course, this is somewhat impressive, but not so much that I was delighted. The more - the ears ...

Grebenshchikov: Raise the ears 48 kilograms? Well, no, this I probably did not. Ears are expensive. Especially, do not think they (the ears), then would have looked so like girls.

My tongue - your friend
January 26, 1999 in Orlando (USA) E-Glinitski 3 minutes tied up the language of 39 cherry stalks.

Rustle: Here's what I like! But, I think I would prefer that the gift had all the same woman. Much would look sexy: A woman takes a cherry stalk and tying his tongue in a knot ... but for men it is a very useful skill.

Grebenshchikov: Oh, it would be I could not get. For such a record, simply to master their language skills ... Although very important fact. And the girls well, and for myself useful. We will train.

Spitting at a distance
August 27, 1994 in Langenthal (Germany) Horst Ortman spit cherry stone at 28.98 am on Aug. 12, 1995 in De Leon (USA) Jason Shayot launched a similarly watermelon seed at 22.91 pm

Rustle: spit - ugly. In my opinion, it's not very interesting and aesthetic spectacle. A man who has set such a record, I would not like it.

Tamarisk: I would spit! And if all surpassed (and this may very well be), it probably would have made an impression on girls.

Hurry macaque
July 3, 1989 at Albany (USA) Guy Jerman climbed on fir height 30,5 m and down in record time - 24.82 seconds.

Rustle: It's funny! Perhaps he will be able to quickly get all the banana with the tops of palm trees for their favorite. All better than the spit seeds.

Tamarisk: This is I had exactly happened. As a child, I very well knew how to climb all trees, pipes, horizontal bars. And it is hoisted on all the friends guys. We have received from this real buzz, and now I realize that this feeling was like an orgasm. Yes!

All the strength - in the beard
August 18, 2001 in Visaginas (Lithuania) on the beard Antanas Kontrimasa within 15 seconds, Ruta hung Tsekite weighing 61.3 kg.

Rustle: I can imagine how bushy it should have a beard that hung to her woman. Honestly, I'm not very beardedimg hspace = "10" src = "/ img/2728.jpeg" align = "right" border = "1" /> love. Everyone has his own methods of wearing your favorite ladies in various parts of his body, but use for this purpose as the beard is not impressive.

Grebenshchikov: Even if I grew a beard, I would not do this. What a show of force - a beard! Here I am, like, well I can do push-ups or on the bar I hung for about thirty minutes. It is steeper, I think ...

Accurate firing nostrils
August 13, 1999 in Los Angeles (USA) Scott Dzhekel blew out his nostrils marshmallows, flying at 4.96 meters and was caught by the mouth of his "buddy" Ray Perisina.

Rustle: Wild record. Blow something out of his nostrils, and even catch a mouth. Wild and questionable beauty occupation. I would not want to make my beloved man I tried to treat marshmallows so that's a way.

Grebenshchikov: When it comes to marshmallows as usual this sweet white cake, it is unclear how he stuck it in the nostril. But I would try to throw something nostrils. By the way, with me as a child, age ten, was such a case: I put myself in the nose soccer ball. Little, from the table football, but still very scared and ran to his parents. They did not have to save me, because I suddenly sneezed heavily and the ball flew from his nose. And flew quite far, actually.

Mouth full of grapes
September 27, 1999 in Los Angeles (USA), Michael Levinson (Canada) filled mouth seedless grapes in 1954 weighing 113 grams.

Rustle: I love to listen when men say. I'm not one of chatty women who silenced all the time their husbands and a boyfriend. Let the best man says something jokes and entertains a lady, than stuffs her mouth with some grapes.

Tamarisk: can a try. First of all, delicious. It is good that pitted: you can just swallow. And secondly, would suddenly into my mouth together, not 54, and 55 grapes? Here the girl was surprised ...

Oleg Artyukov

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