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Mark Knopfler will play in Moscow on his new album

April 14 2005

April 27 at 19.00 at the Moscow State Kremlin Palace, a concert by British guitarist and singer Mark Knopfler. And on April 28 he will play at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. 4 years ago, the musician had already arrived in Moscow and Peter on tour in support of his second solo album, Sailing To Philadelphia. This time, the maestro will present its fourth disc under the name of an exotic Shangri-La.

Mark Knopfler is known in our country, mainly thanks to the staff of Dire Straits, where he served for years as a vocalist and lead guitarist. The band formed back in April 1977, and its name is associated with events that took place with Mark in those years. Future rock stars in those days there was no money to pay rent, was not enough money even for food, and in English "dire straits" can be translated as "difficult financial situation."

Fortunately, he managed to find work - he began to teach literature in college and was a music journalist for a newspaper. In one of the sources told about the same time sad and curious case, which occurred with Knopfler while working in the newspaper and will affect all his future career. It was like this: One day, Mark was sitting at work and was very saddened to learn of the death of great guitarist Jimi Hendrix. He listened to records all day, and Jimmy was sad. And then to the basement of his editor and said: "Listen, died some Hedricks ... or Henricks - find, write anything ..." This was the last straw for Mark, highly esteemed Hendrix, and he resigned from the newspaper. And already completely switched to music.

While not obviously a superstitious person, but, more accurately, without fear of saying "as the ship name - so it will float," Mark called his band Dire Straits and began to play music, which at that time could hardly be called fashionable. You probably know that in the late 70's was a popular punk rock band and Mark Knopfler performed a mixture of rock, country and black blues. First on the team did not pay attention, but the musicians did not hand over positions and gave concerts wherever we could. Things reached the point that one of the concerts they had to get a hearse with the dead.

Success is still some time passes the team party, but in 1980 the guys released the album Making Movies ("Making Movies"), which falls on the high position of the English charts. Already in 1984 becoming the best team in England, and the following year CD Brothers In Arms ("Band of Brothers") took first place in the charts in the UK, U.S., Belgium, Holland and Australia.

By the way, according to rumors, this album was created with amusing circumstances. Once household members of the collective at the same time started a cleaning of the apartments, and musicians ducked into the studio together. And meet there, have started to create an album that would later be recognized as the best drive of this team.

In the end, overcoming all difficulties, Dire Straits won huge popularity all over the world. Hits groups are almost on everyone's lips: Who does not remember the catchy guitar riff song Money For Nothing ("Freestuff grandmother"), performed with Sting? Among the most famous hits of the collective includes such songs as the Brothers in Arms ("Band of Brothers"), Sultans Of Swing ("Sultans of Swing"), On Every Street ("On every street"), Heavy Fuel ("Heavy Fuel" ), and You And Your Friend ("You and your friend").

The success of the group directly linked to the musical talents of Mark Knopfler: his husky voice pleasant tone perfectly complements the instrumental parts, and the way the guitar is unique and interesting. Despite the fact that one of his favorite guitarists - a brilliant BB King , Mark is not similar to him or to anyone else. Unlike many guitarists, he does not use a mediator, in addition, Mark - left-handed, but does sound making the right hand, like most guitarists, right-handers. Finger style allows him to add his solo country music theme, and the critics are crying excitedly Mark, a musician whose music is filled with philosophy, and the guitar can talk.

At some point, Mark decided to abandon the grueling tour and proceeds to his solo work - a great success enjoyed soundtrack, written by him to various films, for example, Princess Bride ("The Princess Bride"). Also, in recent years, he managed to do in producing such artists as Bob Dylan and Randy Newman, and several times undertook joint club tour with Eric Clapton . Knopfler and serves as an organizer of rock festivals, and regularly releases albums.

The current tour as confined to the time to enter the next album. True, the album came out some time ago - in the autumn of 2004. CD Title - Shangri-La ("Paradise") - in fact, quite prosaic: the Malibu has a recording studio with the same title. In this studio, once recorded, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, and other famous musicians.

On the album, Shangri-La contains 14 songs written and arranged by Mark Knopfler-style 60-ies. This is mainly melodic ballads, in which mixed motives Favorite Music Make: blues, country and rock. In writing the disc involved a former Dire Straits keyboardist Guy Fletcher, guitarist Richard Bennett, bassist Jim Cox and Glenn's Wharf, and drummer Chad Cromwell.

At a concert at the State Kremlin Palace, will feature all 14 tracks from the new album of Mark Knopfler and, of course, the earlier hits.


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