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"Big White": an exciting plot and eccentric characters

February 14 2006

C on February 16 in rolling out a new picture of director Mark Mayloda "Big White» (The Big White). This sweet and touching comedy with Robin Williams in the title role, in fact, that happiness can be found anywhere, if there are people who you care about.

The main character in the film Paul Barnell (Robin Williams) has a hard time. His travel to Alaska in the dead of winter does not bring revenue. He is heavily in debt. In his beloved wife suddenly manifested a rare and serious disease - the syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette, which are often completely unable to control their own behavior. His brother Raymond was missing, and when Paul hopes to get insurance for him, he refused. After all, according to the law of the time, which was absent brother - 5 years - not enough to acknowledge Raymond died. Floor in despair. He seems at an impasse and the situation is unsolvable, but here he comes to the rescue in case. In the dumpster, he discovers the corpse of an unknown man. And now Then Paul comes to mind a crazy idea: to convince the insurance company that his brother is dead, as proof of tossing the snowy expanses of Alaska, so the way they found the body bedolagi-stranger.

Paul develops a cynical and cunning plan, but after completion of planned suddenly discovers that a tidy sum of one million dollars he can not get ...

The film encouraged a good selection of actors. Robin Williams, who was invited to the role of Paul Barnell, needs no introduction. The actor famed for playing in such films as "The Fisher King," "Dead Poets Society," "Good Morning, Vietnam" and "Good Will Hunting, a role in which he received Oscar and Screen Actors Guild Award. Many remember the famous film "Jumanji" with his participation. In recent years he has been actively collaborating with talented young directors Mark Romanek and Christopher Nolan, and still spends a lot of time to charity, including environmental protection and education.

Beautifully played and Holly Hunter. She starred in the role of Margaret - wife of Paul, the affected Tourette syndrome - a strange disease, which is also called "urinary profanity. Says director Mark Maylod: "In this role, she moves me to tears and makes you laugh, and while it showed a disciplined mind is so strong that I had no idea ... Holly created the image of woman-sensor, which constantly need something to investigate , all go into and check everything. She created a strong image, giving it more depth and credibility than we planned. "

All the characters in his own eccentric - just recall a funny tandem unsuccessful in execution of criminals by Tim Blake Nelson and Earl Brown. Not only that puny little man choleric, and phlegmatic burly comic look together, they also combine the qualities that are absolutely not linked with the image of a cold-blooded killer. Taking hostage the wife of Paul, they put her at the head table like royalty, self-made dishes are served and coddled like a child. Sometimes they themselves behave like little kids - chasing each other with a towel while left without supervision hostage manages to call where you want.

Among the merits of the film is not only a wonderful actor, played a specific character, but the story line. Intrigue is planned, then embroiled in the action all the more heroes there are unpredictable situations, and already it is not clear what will happen to characters in the end.Painting keeps the audience in suspense, which is periodically discharged comic moments.

Surprisingly, when the unreality of many of the situations and the general strangeness of these eccentric characters, there is a sense of naturalness of what is happening on screen. And unwittingly imbued with sympathy for these eccentric characters, according to the filmmaker flawed and beautiful at the same time. Perhaps the most valuable advantage of "the great white burden" can be considered kindness and poignancy that, despite all the violent scenes and negative aspects, is permeated by this picture.

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