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Sea Amenabar. A sentimental story about the dangers of happiness for paralytic

April 13 2005

"The Sea Inside" - a film brilliant Spaniard Alejandro Amenabar, won a lot of variety of cinematic awards, including the "Oscar" - finally out in the wide Russian hire. Although the broad him, of course, can not be named - "More" shows only a few metropolitan cinemas.

Amenabar film is positioned as a universally dedicated to the theme of euthanasia, that is, against a suffering person for the right to die with dignity, fighting for the freedom of death - the last freedom, which is not in the democratic world. The film is based on real events - Paralyzed sailor Ramón Sampedro, played wonderfully played by Javier Bardem , committed suicide in 1998, leaving behind a biographical book, "Letters from Hell" and a collection of poems. Topic of euthanasia is particularly topical after the death of Terri Schiavo American , which the court nevertheless made it possible to go with dignity to the light.

For all that, the film looks really devoted to euthanasia, and loaded with arcane dialogues and "philosophical" statements of Ramon Sampedro, I would venture to say that no direct relation to euthanasia, "The Sea Inside" has. And not so much because Amenábar does not focus on the position "for" or the position "against", but because the issue of euthanasia for him but a way of saying something else.

Amenabar film - it's poetic hymn to life, life is good in all its manifestations, is a hymn of love, a woman of the family hearth, and nature. For two hours the viewer time to ponder the meaning of life, to remember and recount their friends and loved ones, pass through a powerful range of emotions. It seems that this particular effect, in the end, and sought to Spanish film director. In our age there can be geographical discoveries, but anyone who watched this movie, is the discoverer of the sea Amenabar.

"The Sea Inside" - is giperemotsionalny film. Spectator evinces a palette of empathy, emotion and compassion that the hall is crowded. Audience sentiment flow like water and flow at the same boundless sea, but in the meantime you know that the devil Amenábar created as an ideal vehicle for drawing out the last of human nerves, that resist this process is useless. Sentimental love story of two quadriplegics able to "crush" anyone and make even the most ossified compassionate cynic. Women cry, men profusely dropping doling large tears ...

But that's why this movie is not konfetochny on hand earnest advocates euthanasia. If in the paramount exclusive right to death, Amenábar would remove another film in which painted a picture of suffering, making life unbearable flawed man. And at the end of the "ideal movie about euthanasia," the audience had to feel the desire to "help" the afflicted person and kill him with his own hands. Recall the same Terri Schiavo - her suffering was all clear.

Quite differently portrayed Ramon Sampedro. His love to all. He reigns in his royal paralysis, and around him constantly oshivayutsya harem of women supporters. Well, ever charming smile and did Bardem puts on the topic of euthanasia cross. In the end, behind the scenes is all the hell that accompanies the life of a man chained to a bed. And a single mention in passing about diapers here is not enough.

In all this glory, designed for sentimental sweet tooth, the problem of death as something left behind. If Amenábar and wanted to have a new feeling - a sense of compassionate desire to death, that he had failed. I bet that none of looked a film is not ready to "go help" Ramon!

p align = "justify"> Similarly, does not hold ideological component of the film. For Ramón Sampedro willingness to die becomes obsessive. He has to constantly think about death, which stands for him the crown of all. Freedom - is death. Love - death. Joy - death. And the life - death, too. Before us is a complete fan of the lady with the scythe. And because all of his arguments are meaningless. Especially since he himself denies. For example, his main argument - in this condition I can not love. " But you love me! In general, there is only one thing - "I love him, but I can not love as Ramon Sampedro.

Patient maximalism not justify death. The priest, who allegedly won in a verbal battle Sampedro, also a maniac, just the opposite wing. That maniac who loves life and believes that to truly love life is possible only in a damaged, defective condition.

The central and most complex image of the film - is, of course, the sea. Sea, from which everything begins and ends. Sea as a source of fantasies and dreams, as the elements allow the use of one's own body. However, the sea and remains a mystery until the end of the movie. Meaning of the name is not disclosed, and when one remembers that the sea is inherently equally indifferent as to the dead and alive, it is somehow unnatural lonely.

In general, if we forget about the problem of euthanasia, the film Amenabar perfect. Beautiful characters, wonderful music, wonderful visual images. It is the work of this master. Wizard, which does not draw any conclusions, takes no position. It just makes the viewers on the order of richer and taught to appreciate life. While the exit of the cinema you know that death was another two hours closer ...


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