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"Underworld 2: Evolution": a great battle vampires

January 13 2006

In the sinister world of night, hidden from the eyes of ordinary mortals, not subside ruthless struggle between two clans of the rulers of the darkness - vampires and werewolves. It is time to learn about the origins of centuries-old feud that has become a vampire warrior, Selene and Michael poluoborotnya-demihuman, curses, and the raison d'être! Battling with the powerful enemies of both clans, the ancient masters of death, they learn a bloody intrigue and forbidden love, in the gloom of night to solve the mystery of their origin and their heritage. They face a great battle, which put an end to perpetual confrontation - the last battle for the end of all wars, in which the immortals must suffer punishment and pay for their crimes ...

Feb. 9 at the screen comes the continuation of the Russian mystical thriller "Underworld" - "Underworld 2: Evolution".

Directed by the first part of continued development of the theme of relationships "bloodsuckers." Generally, he began his career as a creator of special effects, having had a hand in such blockbusters as "Stargate" (1994), "Independence Day" (1996) and "Godzilla" (1998) and Roland Emmerich's "Men in Black" (1997) Barry Sonnenfeld. But he was still directing fame beckoned, and then shared with the writer Danny McBride was created "Another World", delivered at a very modest budget of $ 20 million and released in theaters in 2003. Smashing success patterns prompted the director to shoot the continuation saga about vampires and werewolves, "Underworld 2: Evolution".

DIRECTOR Len Wiseman ("Underworld"):

What you decide to change or add to the "Underworld 2", given the experience in the production of the first film?

The first film was a breakdown of the pen and, logically, that much I knew and I had little experience. Filmed in Budapest, and in my team were only 15 people who spoke in English - it was quite difficult to communicate. I made a lot of the first film. With the increased budget for the second film I came up with grandiose ideas, and I managed to achieve, I think, much better.

At what point did you decide to do a sequel?

As soon as the idea - I realized that I could not fit the whole saga and, therefore, already considering a sequel and a prequel, but it was only a distant plans. After evaluation of box-office receipts have laid siege to the studio with a proposal to shoot a sequel, and we began to think about their offer. And after the success of sales of the DVD doubt there could be, and we started to work.

What can you explain the similarity of the appearance of the characters in the film "Another World" and "Matrix"?

With regard to the style of the trilogy "The Matrix", then I will not hide, I like black and dark imaging in general. Generally, it is very funny: when I watched video of the film "Matrix", I said to myself: "How can they" rip off "suits at the" Blade "?", And when I saw "Blade" I said "How can they copy clothing from the Terminator 2? ". Do not forget about "Ketvuman. I think that after the "Matrix" black skin has become the standard for all, so that disputes are irrelevant.


Kate Beckinsale (Selene)

Kate Beckinsale In 1991 she made her debut in the television tape, dedicated to World War Two - "One Against the Wind."
In 1995, Kate agreed to a role in the film "House Ghosts". The following year, Kate was invited to the adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma", she also starred in the comedy "sell."

astoyaschim breakthrough for Kate Beckinsale has a high budget historical drama (a joint project of Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay), "Pearl Harbor".
In 2002, the screens went 2 pictures with Kate Beckinsale romantic comedy "Serendipity" with John Cusack in the title role, and the film "Laurel Canyon", released in limited release and received average reviews from critics.
2003 was marked by a great actress "solo" project - "Another World".

Scott Speedman (Michael)

Scott would l among the contenders for the part in "Batman Forever" (1995), but did not audition. In Hollywood, he made his debut in the Cameron Crowe film "Duets" (2000). He then starred in "Curse of the Season" (2002) and successfully played in the movie "Another World" (2003).

Bill Nighy (Viktor)

The actor famous for his involvement in numerous theatrical productions. The last few years, Bill is actively act in films.
In 1998, Nighy was awarded the prize for the best Peter Sellers comedy role for the participation in the film Still Crazy directed by Brian Gibson. Of the most high-profile recent projects, where he played Nighy, can be identified: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Another World".

Maria Pavlikova

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