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"Corrosion of metal" and produces drive seduce ... Bari Alibasov

December 12 2005

When a CD with an anthology of his work produces a young pop group, while terming the disc not only as «The Best», nothing but the irony is not a cause .... When a collection of his best songs released honored groups - is always an event. These days on the shelves of music stores should see a long-awaited CD from the series «Grand Collection», which presents works of one of the best teams in hard rock - metal corrosion.

Sergey Troitsky - Spider created the group in 1985 and gave his first concert in the basement housing department № 2, after which all present had arrested by the KGB. Over the past couple of decades the group for its trash-sex gravestones show regularly shakes the mind and the body of ordinary citizens. 16 tracks included in the book «Grand Collection - Metal Corrosion, among which the« Russian vodka »,« Kill to Cunarefa »,« Broken angel »,« Rap - it's feces and others - not simply bear a musical load, but, according to the Spider in the first place, this is a holiday for people, metal fumes.

Incidentally, one of the punk-metal party organized by the concert agency Spider, an amusing situation happened. It held a competition for the title of the best Russian brides. For this title fight girls from strip clubs in the city, as a member of the so-called jury was Bari Alibasov. This drummer pop industry and also the owner of uncertain orientation, invited one of the participants sex podtantsovok Metal Corrosion Oksana nicknamed "Sex and Oksana."

After the speech, the first third of "brides", the scene vskarapkalsya ubiquitous Bari. Behind him came out of the dressing room and Oksana as if nothing had happened, grabbed Bari for causal place. After that, Nanai dad promised that would be a devoted fan of "corrosion of the metal" just to see you once more with Oksana-Sex. That's right, flick of the wrist and back "wavering" on the orientation of figures on a path instnny ....

Does not sleep, and other venerable representative of our culture, balancing on the verge between the performance of the ancient ballads and pop hits, Alexander Malinin.

This figure worthy pop recently released album "On the way home." Some songs from the disk were presented on a traditional singer of the eleventh ball-concert in February 2005. The album "On the way home" - the fruit of collaboration with the composer Alexander Malinin and poet A. Mariola and such renowned authors as L. Quint, and E. breadwinners. In the plate included 17 songs. Among them are already well-known song "On the way home", the duo of Alexander and Nikita Malinin "Blizzard", a song made in the style of American Cabaret 1960 "Ten Dirty Dancing" and many other wonderful creations.

For all the diligence on the part of the album's release from different directions, yet with the fecundity of pop monsters they can hardly compete. So should soon see the light disc Lyubasha "Explore me the stars" (of the eponymous concert in the Kremlin reported earlier).

This girl is known for its imperishable works hooked almost all mega-stars of Russian pop music. The album "Learn me the stars" included 16 hits, 10 of which are completely new compositions. Lyubasha sang 4 new duet with Verka Serdyuchka "itself", with Alexander Marshal track "This Fall", and with Alexander Buynova - Medvedkovo-Paris. Specifically for the CD "Learn me the stars" Philip wrote to the track «You & you», Lima Vajkule "My shower, Vladimir Presnyakov" migrating bird. "The album includes already-known hits Lyubasha sung by Alla Pugacheva "My head is stupid, Katya Lel 'Helms-rudders, Sergei Zverev" Allah ", a group of" other rules "" Repel-pull ".

Also saw the release of posthumous ex-member of "Dynamite" Leonid Nerushenko (young man crashed a motorcycle). Called the last record, "Hello, how are you?"

In a solo album consisted of the famous song "I'll be back", "Baby" and "I will not forget", which became a hit MTV. All songs for this disc Leonid Nerushenko written by composer and arranger Denis Kovalsky, known for his work with F. Kirkorov and D. Bilan. The album Leonid Nerushenko "Hi, how are you?" Has songs for every taste: slow and fast, funny and sad, lyrical ballads and energetic stuff. Completes the disc song "Goodbye my friend" in the performance of Dima Bilan and groups "Dynamite", written specially for the album "Hello, how are you?".

Fans of a particular music, which is called in our country, chanson, but not ceased to be of an elementary "blatnyakom" can rejoice. Under the new year and they will not be without gifts - the cream of the genre are collected in a new disk "Chanson NEW YEAR 2006!".

Seventeen songs heard in the performance of A. Rosenbaum ("Allow I'll write"), IV Kuchin ("lady"), LA Assumption ("Wind"), a trio Shufutinski M., K. Golitsyn, and L. Shepilova (New year), the duo Vladimir Tsyganov and M. Krug ("Only for You"), a Christmas song performed by I. and M. Allegrova Shufutinski ("Christmas Dreams").

Also on the CD contains songs A. Makarevich, O. Mitiaeva, S. Mills, A. Marshall, G. Leps, and others.

The listed disks produces "Quadro-Disc".

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