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Through thorns to the stars

April 12 2006

Everyone, everyone, everyone! Hurry! Who are tired of hackneyed images of the aliens from "The X-Files"? Who wants to look at spaceships made not by George Lucas? If you're one of those, then you direct road to the International Centre-Museum. NK Roerich, which now hosts an exhibition of children's artwork, "United space!

The museum features hundreds of works by dozens of talented young artists. What is most interesting and remarkable in the pictures are not adult authors? Of course, ideas and ways to implement them! The fact that the paintings that now hang in this museum, it is not like the works of adult artists. Here everything is different. New, "nezamylenny" view of the same things produces unexpected results. This is not some science fiction artwork, or variations on the theme of "Star Wars" is - a new conceptual realization of the old order.

Here you can find a picture that the success could be the main illustration for The Little Prince Exupery. A boy with a dreamy view of sitting on the shining light of the stars of the bridge and looking at the stars. And in the background magician attaches to the sky the new star. Or just really fantastic picture: inside the space station instead of people in swim suits a variety of animals. The captain, for example - a brave hamster species. And here is a stunning example of irony child. Painting is called "Introduction to Outer Space." By the name you would think that it is a peaceful meeting of two intelligent cultures. But the picture also shows the astronaut in a spacesuit, which is struggling to fend off his feet settle on him a toothy monster. In general, the children's imagination has no boundaries and knows no limits.

By the way, is very symbolic that bright, unexpected cosmic fantasies of children are exposed is in the International Center-Museum named. Roerich. They are in tune with the spirit of the museum and the ideas of the artist.

At the opening of the exhibition were famous Soviet cosmonauts AA Leonov and VG Titov. They expressed admiration for the imagination and skill of young artists. "You think about the cosmos. Each of you is offering its version of extraterrestrial life. It's pretty cool. "

"Let us recall the words of the great Michelangelo:" Picture - the source and soul of all kinds of images and the root of every science. " Before we build any technological tool, it is necessary to draw it. Freehand is progress, "- with these words addressed to young artists, AA Leonov.

Also, the astronauts expressed their personal views about extraterrestrial civilizations. In particular, seriously considered the idea of the existence of the silicon form of intelligent life, but also questioned the assertion that the speed of light - is the limit and can not be faster. And indeed in the midst of so many immortalized fantasies, any incredible idea can be considered as quite acceptable and realistic.

Works exhibited in the museum, do not look like ordinary household images, pleasing to the eyes of mothers and grandmothers. It's entertaining, unusual and superior quality product. The exposition will enjoy not only the connoisseurs of children's creativity, but also just for those who want a good time. In addition, and from the subway nearby. In general, the astronauts will not be in vain to speak.


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