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Jokes ... (November 11, 2009 Issue 1)

November 11 2009

Is the tax inspector on the street, he sees - a new stand appeared, Shoe Repair. " "Disorder" - thought the inspector approached the owner and issued a penalty - 200 rubles. The next day the owner - a Jew, Abraham came to the tax office and pay the fine.
Raises the inspector and the head starts to scold: "What are you, Ivan Ivanovich, assume forgotten? Importance of the moment do not understand the tax base is incorrect. Let's fix".
Do nothing. Inspector went back to a cobbler. Documents and orders showed the situation explained - fine increased to $ 1000. Sighed, a cobbler, but did not argue, pay the next day, 1000.
A new chief inspector calls and re-report: "Well, Ivan Ivanovich, you give, this is the same vein of gold, and you - only 1000 rubles!" Do what you want, say what you want, and that the fine was increased. "
The third time the inspector went to a cobbler. Re-orders showed and read instructions. Said that Oshibochka went fine and something you need to pay much as 100,000 rubles. Cobbler just threw up his hands, but the object did not.
The next day all the tax are waiting for a Jew to pay a fine, and that still no ... Suddenly they see - runs Abraham, puffing, under his arm some machine pulls ...
Rushed to the head, buhnul it before him on the table: "All the chief does not take it anymore ... you have to - you and print ..."
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
In bankruptcy court judge asked the taxpayer:
- You have evaded taxes as a tax inspector told?
- Not at all, but his method deserves attention.
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There are two ladies "of easy virtue." One very alarmed says:
- I heard that in the Duma a bill that even now we will be taxes to pay for its activities?
The second smiled and replied:
- All the same deputies recognize our essential goods and will provide great benefits.
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- I remember the first time invited a girl on a date. We sit and talk, hands holding on ... And here comes the sergeant and as zaoret:
"All meeting ended! Ivanov - in camera."
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In Kharkov was a terrible storm - the wind tore the roof off the golden temple of the Annunciation, took the 400 meters, and sawed ...
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- Ten gold, seven silver and five dairy ... - These are the results of the performance of our team in boxing.
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"Today, just a day like this: even a dollar - and he fell," - embarrassed excuses Pisyunov businessman before his secretary ...
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- What do older women between the breasts, and young no?
- Poop.
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In the hospital my father leans over newborn son and looks, then says to his wife:
- Listen! Did you see? No, you saw what his hefty pisya?
- Honey, do not be nervous, do not be nervous, look at his eyes - a copy of yours.

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