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Party "three faces of fantasy." Hobbits sang and danced

November 11 2005

On Wednesday, the club B-2 carbon was a party called "The Three faces of fantasy", dedicated to the publication of the new album "The Source of Power" group "Charisma". Frankly, the organization, as is usually desired. It was very disappointing when meeting with the musicians for the journalists did not take place, and promised buffet was not there either. But overall, the evening was not in vain, and their share of aesthetic satisfaction I have received.

To begin with, that the B-2 I came to 18:30, in the hall sat a few reporters and photographers, bored and sipping beer at his expense, of course. Fans with tickets crowded on the stairs before their time is not allowed, because the start was scheduled for 19:30. Several times I wondered, when will we be able to at a press conference to talk with musicians, but organizers were already all in a lather. When we, finally invited to a separate room, then .... nothing happened. We sat waiting for about twenty minutes, then returned to the room where being prepared by the group "Tower of Rowan.

Pretty nice folk group with Celtic motifs and fun lyrics, though, at first when on stage singing soloist (who does not know what it looks like he will understand me!), We were a bit stunned. It reminded me strongly school biology teacher, and my friend - a teacher of literature. Long skirt in a cage, a sweater, huge glasses and disheveled hair - but all the songs sung from the heart, at once apparent that this person lives, that it appealed to him. Music, of course, the muffled voice of the singer, and were not always audible speech. Frankly, the Tower of Rowan "I remember and liked. The next time you need I'll go to their concert.

Followed by a group of fantasy - rock Hobbit Shire. Funny guys, and something of the hobbits they really are! Music is catchy, «Guinness» flows like water, in the hall adult rockers and their Daddy. That's exactly what new generation is growing. Parents sway to the music, full of clanking mugs, kids jumping in front of the stage and sing along, just seen - "Hobbits" hear not the first time. At the soloist - extremely strong and beautiful voice, which does not choke no bass, no drums. One of the "hobbits" played the flute and bagpipes. You love to listen to ballads about elves, hobbits and dwarves, children and beer? Then Hobbit Shire - it's your family group.

And finally, waited for heroes of the occasion - "Charisma". It is awaiting Do many, apparently, she was the third face of the party. Perhaps the most coveted. Though what she has to do with folk and fantasy for me remain a mystery. The style in which plays the "charisma", the musicians themselves define as power metal. Musicians dressed, who are in that much, so that the stage was a kind of eclecticism - black leather lace-up pants, t-shirts with the spiders, shirts with ruffles, striped cap and striped serenevaya kotfochka. The impression that the musicians from completely different bands playing in different styles. The guitarist played well, but his outfit rastaman baffled, in addition, he reminded me a hero of the stupid American comedy "Jay and Silent Bob to conquer Hollywood." And the face and along its recalled.

Appearance of the team, the costumes of musicians - an important detail of the image.

as the first chords of long-awaited guests reminded me of the early work of "Aria", and, on the first three notes, I could not even identify any of the song "Aria" This piece of music. Words also reminded the texts of the Aryans, but that was not surprising, as the author of the lyrics - Alexander Yelin, who wrote earlier to "Aria" and "Masters".

Overall, nothing new, but rather a return to old traditions. But can it be for the better, because the fans really raging, singing, shaking her hair. Basically, they were adolescents between 15 and 23 years. The old guard rather watched, sipping a beer.

Group "Charisma" was created in late 2004, the famous guitarist Leonid Fomin ("Master", "Sabotage", "Valkyrie"), singer Damon Avramenko and lyricist Alexander Yelin, who became the producer group.
Immediately after recording a demo of the material the group offered a contract record company "The Mystery of Sound".

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