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Jokes ... (September 11, 2009 Issue 1)

September 11 2009

The teacher said to his disciples:
- Name the profession of your father, say it letter by letter, and name one thing he would have given us if he were here.
Masha says:
- My dad - the banker. B-A-H-K-I-P. If he were here he would give every shiny new coin.
Pete says:
- My father - a baker. P-E-K-A-R-b. If he were here he would give everyone a fresh biscuit.
Vasya says:
- My father - an accountant. B-U-T, no, wait, B-Y-X-A ...
The teacher stopped him and said:
- Sit down, think again.
Here arises Vovochka:
- My dad - a bookie. B-U-K-M-E-K-E-R. If he were here he would give 20 to 1, that Vasya not be able to correctly pronounce the letters "accountant."
-------------------------------------------------- ----
And what is it drawn on a Canadian flag, it had to cover the leaf??
-------------------------------------------------- ----
News "in the life of stars": It turns out that the Russian porn star Anna Kournikova also flexing of tennis!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Pinocchio ... Chippolino ... Cheburashka ... Murzilka ...
Who can stop drug abuse among children's writers?
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Brine - a delicate decision delicate problem!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Tpamvayno-tpolleybysnoe yppavlenie ppimet on paboty bybnilschikov to announce stops.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
If a man kneels before a woman - he hoped that very soon they will be swapped ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Answering machine: Hi, today a wonderful day and I'll enjoy it and I can not answer the phone! I hope you well too! My slogan of the day today: "Share the Love!" Speak after the beep! " B-u-u and-i-n ....... Khe, mdaaaa ... In general, it is of vendispansera call .... In short, the analysis is ready, and the result is positive ..... Well, stop it, then share the love ....... tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu ......
-------------------------------------------------- ----
6 stages of the project:
1. Enthusiasm
2. Disillusionment
3. Panic
4. The search for culprits
5. Punishing the innocent
6. Praise and reward are not involved
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- Sherlock Holmes, you and your talent a long time could hide behind the bars of London's criminals. Why you are still not done?
- Elementary, Watson! If I do that, then the one I'll buy opium for his pipe?

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