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Jokes ... (August 11, 2009 Issue 2)

August 11 2009

Moishe noticed on Ize och-h-ry even a decent golden Rolleks:
- Izzy, how did you, schlimazel such hours?
- Oh, on occasion bought a thousand dollars.
- Listen, you do not go. You're not refuse to sell them to me for two
- No, I will not refuse.
No sooner said than done. However, by turning the operation, Izzy seriously thinks:
"Moishe - a man of action and just throw money will not. If he had paid for this trinket that kind of money, so he had the kind of sell it more expensive. God, how I goof. The situation must
correct! "And the next day goes to Moshe.
- Moishe, you know, it's not that simple ... I thought that this watch is not so bad for me, come on, I'll take them for three thousand.
What a merchant refuses such gesheft! Hit on his hands. But at night Moishe not himself tossed, reproaching himself for haste: "Izzy knows what to do. One time do a stupid thing he quickly corrected the situation and how to know how much he wants to now sell this wonderful" Rolleks! Morning run to redeem them, and thousands on top is not compassion! "
And in this manner commerce came day after day.
Once Izzy comes to Moshe, holding a pack of plump bosom cherished, and he shakes his head:
- All, Izzy. Hours no more.
- What? As there is no ?!?!?!..... How is it "no hours", I ask you?
- Or not. I sold them this morning for a Russian
twenty-two thousand dollars.
- WHAT? Cattle, the other idiot, joke Kreshchatik that with you all Langeron laughing! As your hand is not otsohla, for some twenty-two
to sell thousands of hours that day gave us a thousand dollars
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Three Russian gulag to tell anyone what they put.
- I'm five minutes late for work, and I was accused of sabotage.
- And I, by contrast, came five minutes before, and I was accused of
- I came just in time, and I was accused of undermining the Soviet
economy through the purchase of hours in a capitalist country.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Historically, Russia was on two questions - who is to blame and what to do.
And there were two problems - fools and roads.
And why only in this century, it became extremely clear:
Who is to blame - the fools;
What to do - the road ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Got married to a master of sports. Following the provisions of the three days of the wedding she goes to work, the black clouds. Girlfriends:
- Well, as your master of sport in bed?
- Oh, and do not ask: it turns out he's the master of sports on the downhill.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Sit with the deputy director of the grim, grim.
Zam: - Chef, I certainly understand that the firm is on a verge that problems with tax and wage arrears, it is almost impossible to take a bank loan ...
but if we were yesterday to drunk wandered into a bar for gay men, then why did you cry: I Fuck you all!?

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