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Flashmob - this is our way!

July 11 2005

If you go to a hot day in July, you're extremely hot, the asphalt burns his feet, even through the soles of shoes, and suddenly in your path meets a crowd of young people in sheepskin coats and felt boots - do not worry, you do not "overheated" and they do not "unwell" ... . Just having fun so people playing the game now trendy - Flashmob.

Flashmob - this unexpected extravagant appearance of people in a predetermined location at a given time. In this case, most often, the participants perform some predetermined action. And then quickly disperse. Typically, flash mobs are conducted without a specific purpose, just for fun.

Despite some spontaneity fleshmobovskih shares, there is still some indispensable rules:

1. Do not talk about the flash mob or to meet with like-minded people, either during or after it. You just need to understand: no flash mob, and you're about it you know nothing. Questions on the forehead "This is a flash mob?" Is recommended to make a surprised face: "You what?", "Sho?", Etc.

2. Always follow the instructions and the script, even despite the fact that all the details of both of them will be known only to you before the actual mob.

3. While the action itself is strictly forbidden to laugh or even smile. This item was introduced to by a beaming countenance, passers-by did not suspect a trick, and have not lost interest in what happens.

4. Prior to the campaign and after no one party should not be at the venue. Flashmob - literally "lightning crowd." And this effect must be as high as always, at the rally.

5. You have to be sane, sober and have a valid identity document. Main: no illegal actions you have not committed, the officer - is your friend, to whom you will gladly show your passport, if he asks you about, and observing the legend, all he will tell: "All waved and I waved ...».

One more thing: flash mob has no organizers, and pursues no purpose other than the entertainment of its members.

The main motto of supporters flashmob: "jiving BE on life, that it is not jiving on us!".

In fact, the scenario for the flash mob rather unpretentious. For example, on a fairly busy street with lots of passers-by. At the bus stop is a bus or trolley. As soon as its doors close, and he starts to move, as all sides begin to run after him mobbers shouting "Stop! Stop! Wait a minute! ". If the traffic stops, no it does not sit down. As an option offered no public transport and trains at ENEA, or in Sokolniki. Say what you like - funny ....

Or here's another razvlekuha: Stary Arbat Street eatery is "moo-moo", beside her stands a cow.

Each participant brings with herbs (usually the one that the lawn is growing) and puts it in front of the cow. Feed, thus Burenka, the crowd disappears.

And here, a very popular idea in Europe: first comes mobbers and draws a fat point chalk. Comes second mobbers and leads this point, it turns round. Accounts for a third mobbers and leads the circle, etc.

Well, that's funny? If yes, then said that in the third year of residence flashmob in Russia in St. Petersburg will host the first "Festival of Flashmob.


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