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Morning show, or Evening tragedy Stillavin by Bachinsky

May 11 2005

Need to hear the morning show "2 in 1" on 103.7 Radio Maximum - not in order to assess the level of revelation, contained below, and simply because the eight years leading the show Gennady Bachinsky and Sergey Stillavin, being on the radio at different stations, produce impression. To regular listeners - that they were inseparable as Siamese twins. On the non-permanent - they are Howard Stern national broadcast.

They are our friends, relatives, understandable assholes.

I talked with them both, but separately. Because together - I understand perfectly - again they would become Siamese twins, and the level of revelation and not up to the waist. And, I'm afraid I have.

First I talked to Stillavin, and he bit me. Then I talked to Bachinsky and realized that it was he struck Stillavin.

I almost do not cite here the text Bachinsky only because they have Bachinsky - take my word for it - now all is well. He stood on the path of righteousness. And besides the chosen "the road of good" or something to talk about does not want. Well, he does not have now any internal conflicts.

He is interested in now is only one girl with whom he is not going to leave. On this occasion, my friends, Bachinsky not even kissed me on the cheek when they met, as had happened before ... Oh well, nothing in that kiss and it was not about them not even dreamed of then - still kissing, pancake, were ...

As for me, I have too, all good. Therefore, from all three of us here are only interested in Stillavin.

Seryozhenka begins.

- I meet with the girls where I work, write a lot of soap - why not meet and do not drink coffee ...

- Photo necessarily to the letter make?

- Well, of course ...

- A voice heard?

- Votes are usually separated from the exterior - it's me, as Radio operator know. Typically, the voice is not the picture looks, which serves as proof of my own voice. And I know very well what it means to the voice of the girl. When he was nice and beautiful, this is no guarantee of amenity and beauty, and when he was terrible, it means - all the terrible ...

In women, this complex - not necessarily show their emotions in relation to the partner. Especially!

In her mind installing this - if you open, the man will use you. And I say, if even subtly hint is not a man, then he is not interested in a girl. It will just think that he did not like, so nothing to do, in fact, not necessary.

- How, I wonder, are your parents married? This is a rhetorical question ... Often you react to the message by email?

- As the crisis in his personal life.

- You it is important to speak on intimate topics?

- The intimate themes can talk to people you trust.

- Sex?

- Desire to have sex with me will not occur if I do not care man. But it must be too hungry to do sex for sex.

The fact that I, in principle, with the women sincerely interested. Woman frankly, than a man, she tells all to be honest. A man would have only about someone to gossip, haha!

- At what point did you have lost interest in a girl?

- One of the reasons - is "too different person."

I had a friend of the woman, adult enough, and we had a very good warm human relationships. But once I heard her talking with your child. Very hard, rough ...

That's all. I pereklinilo. I thought that it would take a couple of months, and she with me so it will talk like a child, which in no way at fault, call during our meeting with her.

The celebrated independence, which I dish - is important too. You're still not ready to surrender all, but standing there in all her life schedules, and she no longer even pretends to call on you.

Sometimes stupid "not mine", for example, I love meat, she loves to fish, what happens more often in women.

For some reason they all think that the fish healthier than meat, so it should have, genuinely love, and never eat meat from him fat. But all this stuff ...
I can honestly tell you - I'm with the women never play. I am, so me and accept!

- Horribly selfish attitude! What compromise?

- Sometimes I'll find out myself because the girl who next to me. And sometimes I do not like this image. And that's OK, because inside I'm really better than my public image.

- There are girls in this world who behave naturally, and as you think: "Take me as I am!"

- It's funny, of course, but it seems to me that I was so young girls do not like me. That appearance. I do not drive up to them in any way. It seems to me that they like different type of men.

There are men who look like Banderas, and is similar, damn it, I do not know to whom.

- Belmondo, too, not every self-confident girl like ... It would have all pushed to Belmondo.

- No, the girls have to Belmondo not go because he was sick and old.

... I am always critical of their appearance seriously. Never considered myself particularly attractive ...

- And what about "love the queen?

- I have no such ambitions, and what it means - "Queen"?

- The same one on which you will think: "What if she does not like me?"

- What are all the time to live in fear? Suddenly razonravlyus?

- And that you still return to the one with which you fell out and I guess you live?

- With no one I will not live.

- Nothing you do not make you come back?

- Firstly, the wife left me herself.

- How desperate!

- Strong-willed person!

- You wondered why she did it?

- I realized that her lack of self-actualization ranged. I was one hundred percent of the household. Afterward, she really wanted to formally, that is, on paper to be my wife. However, she did not want to change her name to mine, that I could not understand. And then, it seems to me that her mom started to wash her brain: how is it you live three years, and he does not want to marry you, and what will happen next? And I stood on principle, a pancake. Everything is normal, that solves the seal, if anything, in principle, will not happen - the name will remain the same, I'll stay with you? .. I want to be understood.

- She would like to hear from you ...

- No, well, this theory has a book, what she wanted ...

- ... The kind words ...

- With such aggression, I do not know what she wanted.

- If you print a passport fundamental importance, then why would it not stand in the passport?

- For me, no, but for her very much is changing! Because of the press! Therefore, the principle of not going to get married! Time without the press is not needed.

I like to be proud of his woman. When it is taken on an equal footing. Not so - came to Sergei, and with it the nipple, like ... Fuck you, such as the toilet, coming back, and all talking animatedly with her participation. Of course, the importance of having sex ...

- Remember, we're talking about what causes pride ...

- Ah! Well look evokes a feeling of pride. Her self-actualization in his career. Because a woman who is not implemented, it is, even if you do everything to support a family, you will not be very grateful. In her head with the situation: "What if I stay alone?" And her strength not to go not to be left alone, and the fact that the survival of unsold and remains one. As a result, the relationship deteriorated, and she eventually left alone! It embodies their fears into reality.

- Women can always be calm, telling her that she is important to hear.

- Maybe I did not ready to relationships ...

I like the most independent woman. Woman with a slender, takes care of herself, from her scent comes not ghosts, but merely fragrance, it is elegant, well-dressed ... This is an image I really likable.
A girl who is currently engaged in self-realization, will spit on you. She can not give myself entirely. And I can be bad without it ... same problem.

- It is sad to get ...

- Ask a thread yet intimate question.

- Intimate? "Do you like anal sex, just as I love him?"

- ... For anal sex man pushes a woman who is time to take in twice its cherevu.

- What makes a woman, Sergei?

- Strong excitement when erogenous zone is the entire central part of her body. There is no longer important - at least to the navel. The woman is in space from their own experiences.

- But I do not think that all I had terrible! Everything is fine.

- And I say: for the average male is normal to have a mistress. And happy to tell you how he otzharil that he otzharil this - so 95 percent of adults live independent people. I do not want to live this way - to get married, because you have to kind of like to marry. And officially, it will be your favorite person, but unofficially - other. I believe that my life is in this sense, honest. And I honestly do. It's not that good, but honestly.

Epilogue (From a conversation with Mr. Bachinsky)

... You just try to understand - unlike Sergei, I do not find women. I'm all right.

- What girl should be with Stillavin do you think?

- Yes, an ordinary girl. Which would give him the affection and love. He needs a girl-mother.

- What would you have warned his girlfriend?

- I'd warned her that he was mad. And my friend I would not advise them to become his wife.

- When appears the madness, and at what times?

- ... It just is,. Nuty. That is a very unusual person.

PS (from the radio show Bachinsky and Stillavin "2 in 1")

We phoned the girl Lena Krutosiskina, 32, hrenfrenda not. Sheer tuneyadka - not working, not studying, sucks money out of the pope. Before that, 2 years vparivala illiquid brown liquid type sosasoly and threw so people on the headstock ...

Girl: "I'll do what he likes, Bachinsky!"
Stillavin: "The fact that he likes you - Bachinsky not mozh.
Bachinsky: "And what I likes, you go do not go, Sergei."

Stillavin: "I do not understand why girls shy? There sisechki - show ".
Bachinsky: "Serge, show, eh?"

Stillavin: "Imagine, I found your letter to grandma's underpants!"
Bachinsky: "I imagine you did with the grandmother's underpants!"

Stillavin: "Vera, you are careful with these artists, do not let them paint themselves behind, and then they have these pencils!"

Stillavin to the listener: "Come on, we will give you the breast pump, we will use it instead of the Expander. And I have to pump up muscles, and you have chest otrastet.

Stillavin: "Lena Puhlopopkina met with Vasya, when they only just learned to kiss. Lena, on which girls learn to kiss? "
Lena: "At the tomatoes."
Bachinsky: "My God, she learned to kiss his hairy tomatoes ..."


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